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Bulgarian regions, cities and towns

Information and properties for sale in cities and towns in Bulgaria

Here you will find all the necessary information to make your best Bulgarian property investment! We have prepared for you detailed information plus pictures of all cities, regions and towns in Bulgaria where we offer excellent properties for sale. There are three important factors to look for in order to make a wise property purchase: location, location and location :). You can now easily choose the best location for your Bulgarian property!

Bolyarovo, Bulgaria, information about Bolyarovo
Bolyarovo municipality is located in the south of Yambol region, on the northern slope of the Strandzha Mountain. It covers part of Tundzha hilly area, Dervenski Heights and southern slopes of Bakadzhitsite. The majority of the land are fields - about 22349 acres. The agricultural land part of the municipality also includes the wooded area, which is about 7068 acres; roads and other land around 10051 hectares. The overall plot of land is undulating, cross-country by a number of ravines.... more
Borovan, Bulgaria, Information about Borovan
Borovan municipality is located in the northwestern part of Bulgaria, in the Danube valley at an altitude of 250-350 meters and covers an area of ​​212 square kilometers and borders the municipalities of Vratsa, Byala Slatina, Hayredin and is one of the municipalities of the Vratsa region. Borovan area was inhabited by humans as early as the Copper Age /V BC/. There are two settlements of this period - in the areas "Lapchovets" and "Ezeroto" where were found flint and stone tools of... more
Borovets, Bulgaria, Borovets ski resort, information about Borovets
The oldest Bulgarian resort dating back to the year of 1896 when the mayor of the town of Samokov of that time built a wooden chalet there to alleviate the fate of his wife who was ill of tuberculosis. Today Borovets is the biggest, first-class mountain resort in Bulgaria. Spread out on the bordering Borovets pass as well as along the northern slopes of Moussala Ridge of Eastern Rila, amongst centuries-old coniferous forests. Its altitude above sea level is from 1230 to 1390 m and its... more
Botevgrad, Bulgaria, Information about Botevgrad area
The town of Botevgrad has 23 516 inhabitants and is 350 m above sea level. It is situated in the valley of the same name, in north foothills of the eastern parts of the Western Stara Planina, along the two banks of Stara Reka River. It is 62 km north-east of Sofia, 57 km and 40 km south-east of Vratsa and Mezdra, respectively, 25 km north-west of Etropole, and 39 km south-west of Yablanitsa. Botevgrad is a successor of the medieval Bulgarian town of Zelin, which was located 3 km away... more
Burgas, Bulgaria, Information about Burgas
Burgas is smaller and less crowded than Varna, it has a population of 210,260. It is Bulgaria's largest port and this is the primary focus of the city. Bourgas has a relaxed atmosphere with good shopping and an abundance of restaurants and outdoor caffes. Bourgas is a successor of the late Roman small town called Deultum founded by Emperor Vespasian as a military colony for veterans. Later it was called Develt, which served as a name for the present day village of Debelt. Three more... more
Information about Byala, Byala - Varna district
The municipality of Byala is located in the central part of the Bulgarian Black sea coast. To the north and north-west it borders with the Dolni Chiflik municipality, Varna district and to the south and south-west it borders with Nessebar municipality, Bourgas district. The territory of the Byala municipality is 162 square kilometers. In national plan it is 0.15% of the territory of Bulgaria and 0.04% of the country's population.   The municipality includes 6 settlements: the town of... more
Chiprovtsi, Bulgaria, Information about Chiprovtsi area
Chiprovtsi Municipality is located in the western part of Montana district center. It includes the lands located at the foot of Chiprovska Mountain - the highest share of the Western Stara Planina. Northwest these lands are surrounded by the Lom River, south by the river Lopushanska Ogosta, and from north by Shiroka Planina Mountain whose slopes rise near the riverbed Prevalska. The total area of ​​the municipality Chiprovtsi is 286.8 square kilometers, which is 7.89% of the territory of... more
Chirpan, Bulgaria, Information about the area of Chirpan municipality
Chirpan has a population of 20 468 citizens and is situated 180 meters above sea level. The town is located in the central part of the Gornotrakiiska (Upper Thracian) Lowland mostly along the left bank of Tekirska River. Chirpan is located 201 km south-east of Sofia, 51 km east of Plovdiv and 39 km south-west of Stara Zagora. It is the birthplace of the great Bulgarian poet Peyo Yavorov. Chirpan is considered the heir to the Roman settlement Sherampol, which was established close to... more
Devin, Bulgaria, Information about Devin municipality - Smolyan district
Devin municipality is located in the southwestern part of the Rhodope Mountains along the Vacha river and borders the municipalities of Smolyan, Borino, Batak, Krichim, Perushtica and Chepelare and on the south - with Greece. Devin municipality is one of the ten constituent municipalities of Smolyan and has an area of 575 Occupies the northwestern part of Smolyan. The municipal center town of Devin is located in Devin mountain 710 meters above sea level, in a small valley about 2... more
Devnya, Bulgaria, Information about Devnya municipality
The territory of the municipality is 100.980 Devnya is located in the North - East Bulgaria and is bordered by the lands of Aksakovo, Beloslav, Avren, Provadiya, Vetrin, Suvorovo municipalities. Devnya is located about 30 km from the city of Varna in a small valley, surrounded from all sides by low limestone hills, the last slopes of Stara Planina Mountain and the Dobrudja plateau, open only to the east Beloslavsko lake, and hence to the sea. Natural Monument in the valley... more
Dimitrovgrad, Bulgaria, information about Dimitrovgrad region
Dimitrovgrad municipality is located in the heart of South Central region. Administratively belongs to Haskovo District. Borderes on the north to the municipalities of Chirpan and Opan (from Stara Zagora district), to the east - Municipality of Simeonovgrad from the south with the municipalities Haskovo and Mineralni Bani from the west with the municipality of Parvomai (Plovdiv region). The Municipality of Dimitrovgrad intersect European Corridor 10 and 9. Main link with the country through... more
Dobrich, Bulgaria, Information about the town of Dobrich
The town of Dobrich has a population of 100 379 people and is 220 m above sea-level. It is situated on the Dobroudzha Plateau by the small Dobrich River. The town is 512 km north-east of Sofia, 92 km south-east of Silistra, 51 km north-west of Varna, 34 km north-west of Balchik, and 37 km south-east of Yovkovo, the frontier post at the border with Romania. Known as the capital of Golden Dobroudzha. History : The first traces of life in the town date back to the antique epoch. Remains of a... more
Dryanovo, Bulgaria, Dryanovo area information
Dryanovo municipality is located in the central part of the region over 248.5 sq km rugged terrain at an altitude of 180 to 640 m where beautiful mountain slopes are covered with mixed deciduous forests, and hills, rocks and rivers Yantra and Dryanovska. The climate is temperate continental with mild winters and cool summers, very favorable all year round for recreation and tourism. The municipality is located in the administrative district of Gabrovo. In the municipality are located... more