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Bulgarian regions, cities and towns

Information and properties for sale in cities and towns in Bulgaria

Here you will find all the necessary information to make your best Bulgarian property investment! We have prepared for you detailed information plus pictures of all cities, regions and towns in Bulgaria where we offer excellent properties for sale. There are three important factors to look for in order to make a wise property purchase: location, location and location :). You can now easily choose the best location for your Bulgarian property!

Ahtopol, Bulgarian black sea coast, information about Ahtopol
The town of Ahtopol has a population of 1364 is situated on a sharply jutted cape 87 km south of Bourgas and 477 km south-east of Sofia. The town is perched on the rocky peninsula at the place of a Thracian settlement. It was probably colonised in 6th century BC. Its name dates back to ancient times. The Romans called it Peron-ti-cus. The Byzantine leader Agaton restored the town after the barbarian invasions and gave it his own name Agatopolis. The Byzantine and the Bulgarians took it in... more
Aksakovo, Bulgaria, information about Aksakovo
Although Aksakovo is located near to the city of Varna (about 10 km), to one of the most popular Bulgarian resorts of Golden Sands, St. Constantine and Elena, Albena, and other famous resorts, its territory is also attractive and there are places for tourism and entertainment. Area "Batovska"- an imposing forest, located primarily on the territory of the municipality of Aksakovo. The area has several recreational cabins. Annually to organize fairs singing and dancing that bring people from... more
Albena, Bulgarian beach resorts, information about Albena
The beach resort of Albena is situated 32 km north and north-east of Varna, 502 km north-east of Sofia and 12 km south-west of Balchik. It is located on a long sand stretch in the open northern part of Varna Bay. It was built in 1969 in an architectural style reminiscent of one of Walter Gropius’ urban models and of the time of Bauhaus. Most of the hotels have a terrace-line structure with well-projected stories. The concept of this architecture is getting more sun in summer days. The... more
Apriltsi, Bulgaria, Information about Apriltsi area
The town of Apriltsi was formed by the merging of four villages: Novo Selo, Zla Reka, Vidima and Ostrets. With these same names are now called the four quarters of the town. It`s name Apriltsi was given to the town because of the heroic events in this region during the April Uprising of 1876 which is a mass armed uprising of the Bulgarians in the Ottoman Empire. It broke out on April 20 in the old style Koprivshtitza and is organized by the Bulgarian Revolutionary Central Committee. The... more
Asenovgrad, Bulgaria, Information about Asenovgrad area
Asenovgrad Municipality occupies the southeastern part of Plovdiv. It is situated on both banks of the river Asenitsa (Chepelarska Chaya). North covers a small part of the Thracian Plain in the south covering large areas of the Rhodope Mountains, so a significant portion of the terrain is rugged and sloping. Its territory is 615 sq. km. This represents 10.3% of the territory of Plovdiv region and 0.55% of the country. Neighboring municipalities of Rodopi, Laki, Banite, Purvomai, Sadovo. By... more
Avren, Bulgaria, Information about Avren
Avren is located in the central part of Varna Municipality and occupies an area of 380 sq km. The municipality includes 17 villages and the resort "Kamchiya" which with total area of ​​1500 dka. North Avren borders with the municipalities of Varna, Belevo and Devnia; on the west with the municipality Provadia, and south with the municipality of Dolni Chiflik. Eastern boundary of Avren is the 20 km long lay out on the Black Sea. The municipality is mainly flat and the altitude is from 0 to... more
Aytos, Bulgaria, Information about Aytos
Aytos municipality is located in the eastern part of the Republic of Bulgaria. Borders the following municipalities: to the north - with Rouen, to the west - Karnobat, south and southeast - with Burgas and east - Pomorie. Covers the southern slopes of the Balkan Mountains and river valley Aitoska. Aytos city is located 365 km from Sofia and 204 km from Plovdiv. The terrain is mostly flat. 6 km north - northwest of the town is Aitoski Balkan part of the great slopes of Stara Planina.... more
Balchik, Bulgaria, information about Balchik area
The town of Balchik has a population of 13 766 and is 31 km north and north-east of Varna, 501 km away from Sofia, and is on the black sea coast itself. There is a big harbour used for medium- size passenger and trade vessels. The place was first inhabited by the Ionians in 5th century BC. They founded a settlement and called it Krouni or Krounoi after the earlier Thracian settlements in the vicinity. The name of the town comes from the Greek word ?izvori? (springs) as there are a lot of... more
Bansko, ski resort in Bulgaria, information about the ski resort - Bansko
The town of Bansko has 9134 inhabitants and is 925 m above sea level. It is situated by the Glazne River, the right tributary of Mesta, at the north-eastern foothills of Pirin beneath the highest and most beautiful karst part of the mountain. Its name is related with the ancient Bulgarian word ban (from boean, boyan) which means master. It is 160 km south of Sofia, 60 km south-east of Blagoevgrad, 6 km south of Razlog and 51 km north of Gotse Delchev. Bansko is the entrance to the most... more
Batak, Bulgaria, information about Batak
Batak municipality is located in the Western Rhodopes area over 667 square kilometers, representing 15% of the total area of ​​Pazardzhik. 90% of the territory is covered by forests. Batak is situated at 1036 m altitude in the valley on both sides of Stara reka river. Surrounded on all sides by hills (100-200 m above its level) and above which there are peaks of Batak Mountain, which borders the west ChepinskaRiver, on the south - with Dospatska river and dam Dospat, to the east – Vacha... more
Belogradchik, Bulgaria, information about Belogradchik
Belogradchik is located in the northwestern part of the country , in the northern and northeastern slopes of the Balkan Mountains, in the southwestern foothills of Belogradchik garland, 545 m above sea level. Belogradchik is located about 170 km from Sofia, 55 km Vidin and 70 km from Montana. Urban and attractive, Belogradchik is one of the most attractive tourist sites in Bulgaria. Natural resources and rich historical heritage defined the city as one of the most interesting and desirable... more
Information about Berkovitsa, Berkovitsa mountain resort
The town of Berkovitsa has not more than 16 000 inhabitants. It is located at 400 meters above the sea level, at the northern parts of the foot of the Berkovitza mountains. It is located 89 km north from Sofia, 24 km south of Montana and 25 km north of Petrochan. The town of Berkovitsa is an old settlement. This is proved from the fortress and church remains from the IV century found on the Kaleto hill, located north of the town. The town is popular from the Tzar Kaloyan’s reign (... more
Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria, information about Blagoevgrad
The municipality of Blagoevgrad is located in the southwestern corner of Bulgaria and covers an area of approximately 628 km2, on which Blagoevgrad itself and 25 adjacent villages are situated. The region of Blagoevgrad includes parts of three of the biggest Bulgarian mountains - Rila, Pirin and the Rhodopes and is well known under the name of Pirin region. The city of Blagoevgrad is the major city in the region and one the most important economic and cultural centers in Southwest Bulgaria.... more