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Bulgarian property news and articles

The best places to live in Bulgaria
Bulgaria is a beautiful country in Southeast Europe that offers a high standard of living, beautiful landscapes, and a rich cultural heritage. It is becoming an increasingly popular destination for expats looking for a new home in Europe. Whether you're looking for a bustling city, a peaceful... more
Shengen zone and Bulgaria
Bulgaria joined in European Union as a member by 1st of January 2007. Since the membership, Bulgaria is also getting ready to enter the passport-free travel Schengen Zone. In 2011, European Parliament started the procedure for both Romania and Bulgaria. However, since then The European Council... more
Touristic sites in Bulgaria
Bulgaria is a country located in southeastern Europe, bordered by Romania to the north, Serbia and North Macedonia to the west, Greece and Turkey to the south, and the Black Sea to the east. With a population of around 7 million people, it is the 16th-largest country in Europe. Overall, Bulgaria... more
The Bulgarian countryside
Bulgaria is a country with a rich history and diverse natural beauty. While many tourists flock to the coastal resorts or the ski slopes in the mountains, the Bulgarian countryside is an equally captivating destination. From rolling hills and expansive farmland to quaint villages and historic... more
Life in Bulgaria
Life in Bulgaria for expats can be a unique and rewarding experience. The country offers a mix of traditional culture and modern amenities, making it an attractive destination for those looking to relocate. However, as with any move to a new country, there are certain challenges that expats may... more
Bulgarian wine regions
Bulgaria is known for its rich history and culture, but it is also home to some of the most beautiful and diverse wine regions in Europe. The country's wine industry has a long history, dating back to ancient times, and today it is home to many unique and high-quality wines. The main wine... more
Christmas markets in Sofia
  Every holiday season, Christmas markets transform the main squares of cities across Europe into winter wonderlands. Wooden huts adorned with twinkling lights and boughs of holly line the streets. In Sofia, from end of November to January, there are many Christmas Markets all around the city.... more
Elon Musk's tweet about Bulgarian Belogradchik Rocks
Is Belogradchik Fortress in Elden Ring?   With a tweet of Elon Musk, the Bulgarian Belogradchik Fortress became popular in Twitter. Musk mentioned that he is pretty sure The Belogradchik Fortress was in a computer game called Elden Ring and he has shared the photo of the fortress in his tweet.... more
Is Elon Musk coming to Bulgaria?
On November 22, 2022, the richest man in the world, owner of Tesla, SpaceX and Twitter, Elon Musk tweeted about the Bulgarian Belogradchik Fortress. He has mentioned that he has seen the fortress in a computer game, widely popular, Elden Ring. Since then many Bulgarians, including the Bulgarian... more
A change being born
A change being born   While most of the world is holding breath in anxious anticipation what will the novel corona virus crisis bring next, maybe we are witnessing a change bigger than exchanging a handshake with a bow or the next epic fight in tremendous scales with devastating economic... more
Buying Land in Bulgaria
Investing in Bulgarian Land Guide There is a lot that goes into buying land in Bulgaria, more so if you are a foreigner. There are many things that need to be taken into consideration when buying land. The land in Bulgaria is as beautiful as it... more
Two new Bulgarian airports within few years
It is expected within few years in our country to be built two new airports, which will serve passenger flights. This will propel not only tourism, but also the economy of the country. Soon the Sofia Airport-West will be officially open for passengers. It is located near the Radomir's village -... more
How to build a „passive” house
In last years in the construction industry are talking increasingly about energy efficiency of new and old construction and the need for reliable sanitation to reduce energy costs. The increasing prices of all forms of energy require different development trends building standards that can reduce... more
What’s new on the real estate market in Bulgaria
The luxury segment, although it represents only 10% of the whole market, is always the interest which wakes up players on the market. Comparing the rate of reduction of price with it, and this of the average class, could be reached to the conclusion that the decline is not colossal. One of the... more
The customers are looking for comfortable housing
The question facing anyone who has decided to become an owner of a home in Bulgaria is whether to move to a new or old building. Some say that the old construction is with better quality. Others are proponents of the view that new technologies in the sector are worth the money, which the buyer... more
Indoor sea near Sofia
There will be 30 acres of indoor sea near Sofia, "informs newspaper "24 hours ". This will happen if it’s implemented a project for a satellite city in Muchasevo. It is envisaged to have an imitation of Sun, waves and wind. The investment is an investment fund with money from Hong Kong and... more
Why properties in Bulgaria are selling hard
You have a property in Bulgaria that you would like to sell? You are not sure what would be the appropriate price according to the current market. You make a quick check on the net for similar properties in the... more
Bulgarian limited company annual tax services
Many foreign property owners in Bulgaria, own their properties through a Limited Company namely due to the fact that till 2012 all foreign citizens could only buy properties without any land for all other properties in Bulgaria they had to register a limited company and buy the property on the... more
New changes in the construction law in Bulgaria
Аfter it came into force last month, changes in the law on spatial planning, which set the functions of the Ministry of regional development and the new Ministry of investment design, the management decided to make new revisions in the law. The legal act to be divided into two separate, one will... more
Office space in Bulgaria
After long time of not happening anything interesting on the market for office space in the third quarter of this year there has been a rise in the renting and a decline in the percentage of vacant offices in the capital. The reason is not relocation, but the entry of new companies and expanding... more
2013 wiggled the property market in Bulgaria
The growth of transactions in the country during the first quarter was 23.3 percent on an annual basis, according to the real estate registry. Prompting many to talk about a revival of the market. In the second quarter, property transactions increased by 26.1 % compared with the first quarter,... more
Do I need consent from neighbors for renting?
An interesting question is whether the owner of the dwelling is required to consent to their neighbors if he decides to rent it. Do they need to know what tenants will have as neighbors, and do they have a legal right to give their consent for a tenant? In case that the owner has decided to rent... more
A new stage for the property market in Bulgaria
Five years of prosperity, then five years – crisis. For these ten years the young Bulgarian real estate market has experienced both extremes. According to some analysts, it is time to leave the negativity, to push back from the bottom and go across the road, where we expect a positivism and... more
What happens to the property in case of divorce
Many couples get married without a prenup and think about the security of its property at a later stage. Fortunately there is a legal way to settle the question and after marriage – through regime of property severability. What is the procedure for selecting this mode, and what happens to the... more
Housing prices in Bulgaria
Whether 2013 was a good year for buying a home or perhaps 2014 would be more appropriate? This question can hardly be answered uniquely. In the majority of metropolitan areas, the change in the price per square meter of living area ranged from-3% to + 3%. In 15 neighborhood prices in December... more
The real estate market in Bulgaria goes up
After five years of decline in prices of residential properties in Bulgaria, reaching bottom, now we see signs of a gradual increase. The average decline in the prices of housing in Bulgaria in 2013 is 2%, as in Sofia there is virtually no change. The volume of sales also increased according to... more
The Bulgarian economy is accelerating
Bulgarian economic growth will accelerate in the second quarter of 2014 with a view to higher public expenditure and a promotion of Bulgarian exports, predicted the analyst company Business Monitor International. According to the analysis of BMI stronger exports of industrial goods to Europe and... more
Shortage of new apartments in 2014
With about 10% will increase the activity of the real estate market in Bulgaria in 2014. One of the main reasons for this is that the interest on deposits is expected to fall over the next 12 months, while the drop in the real estate prices to discontinue, which in turn will activate the buyers.... more
Russians spend their savings in Bulgarian real estates
The collapse of the Russian ruble, caused by tensions between Moscow and Kiev, will cause more Russians and Ukrainians to seek a way to rescue their savings with the purchase of a property abroad and mostly in Bulgaria, consider our brokers. They also say that in a time of uncertainty is very... more
Office spaces in Bulgaria
According to the consulting company Forton, the market led to recovery of the sector of business properties in 2013. The total volume of leased areas in Sofia reached its highest level since 2008 and for the first time in the last five years has exceeded 100 000 sq.m. Last year was a landmark... more
Explore Sofia – Top 10 destinations
We can say many nice things about Sofia but you have probably heard them already so there isn’t much point in restating well-known facts. What you may not know, however, is that you are going to need more than just a few days to capture the true magic of the country’s capital. Here is an idea... more
The duration of the authorization for making planning permission will reduce double
Plans to cut the time limit for issuing a permit in half for obtaining planning permission. This project is written in the third package of measures to reduce the regulatory burden, which was published for public consultation portal. Currently, the deadline for issuing a permit for the... more
Bulgaria is in the initial phase of recovery
The offices in Bulgaria is the sector with the most chances for development. Next are the commercial and industrial properties. This indicates the first done for Bulgaria attitudes survey in the sector from the global organization of real estate professionals Royal Institution of Chartered... more
Surva Festival and the Kukeri in Bulgaria
Surva International Festival of Masquerade Games is an annual event held at the end of January and the beginning of February in the town of Pernik, located some 30 km away from Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. It was first organised nearly 50 years ago and has now become one of the most iconic... more
Obligations for Companies without activity in Bulgaria 2018
We at Best BG Properties LTD for years offer and provide full specter of property related services. With this article we would like to inform you about the recent changes that concern a lot of foreign property owners. Many foreign investors own real estate in Bulgaria through a company. These... more
10 Amazing things you didn't know about Bulgaria
Bulgaria? Why visit Bulgaria? Bulgaria is a beautiful country, with majestic mountains, sandy beaches, picturesque villages, good food, and hospitable people. And, it's incredibly affordable.So begins the publication of "Huffington Post" dedicated to our country. 1. Roses - Bulgarian roses are... more
Bulgaria ranks at 26th place in real growth in house prices for the first quarter of 2014
Bulgaria has moved up to 26th place on the growth of house prices in the global ranking of online publications of leading property guides. In the first quarter, annual growth in house prices in the country has picked up to 2.3%, compared to the previous three months - to just over 1% (with... more
The quick trades in Bulgaria – reality, not a myth
One of the symptoms of the crisis slowly but surely disappears. It's about the time of the announcement of a given property for sale to the confession of the deal before a notary. Standing by half, one, even two years on the market, was common place. Initially was explained with the shock of a... more
How to protect your money when buying a property
When we have a real estate transaction, it is good to know the sequence of procedures. It's the only way to be assured and protected by law. Which comes first - the signing of a document or the payment of money? Here the notary plays a very important role and experts explain what it is. The... more
There is nothing scary of buying a mortgaged property
If you've found the dream home, but it has weights, do not rush to quit. The purchase of the property mortgaged for the benefit of the bank, is not at all complicated. You only need to have prior knowledge of how to proceed in this case, to eliminate the financial risk. The following scenario is... more
Property transactions in Bulgaria continue to rise
Data from the Registry Agency shows that there is increase with 5.26% in the real estate transactions in regional cities in the second quarter of 2013, compared with the same period of last year. The total growth of the purchases and sales of real estate in Bulgaria for the same period is 3.3%.... more
96 % of Bulgarians own a home
Summary data of NSI for housing in the country shows that in Bulgaria, with a population of about 7.2 million people there are over 5.3 million homes. Around 3.9 million of the dwellings are in cities and around 1.4 million - in villages. According to the data of the national statistics-in the... more
A home instead of deposit
Estate agents comment that there is movement of the market and increase in the business transacted. The notaries also affirm, that for the past few months, the property deals have increased of one and a half times. The main reason people to buy more, is that property prices in Bulgaria are very... more
75% of the transactions in Bulgaria are with cheap housing
About three-quarters of the transactions of the real estate market in the country are with cheap housing. The majority of brokers of real estate agencies, believe in that. According to them, the demand for apartments from the lowest price segment remains high, and the supply is slightly reduced.... more
New Additions at BestBGProperties - Sept 3rd, 2007
This week there are over 40 new property additions at BestBGProperties. Cheapest Property Offers The cheapest offer is a wonderful plot in a village near Yambol - it is a regulated... more
New Additions at BestBGProperties - Sept 10, 2007
This week there are over 20 new excellent properties at BestBGProperties. Cheapest Property Offers The cheapest offer at BestBGProperties is a house near Montana. The house is located in a... more
The real estate market in Bulgaria is now stable
The analyses of several real estate agencies indicate that there are more deals (increase of 11.31%), stable prices and minimum increase in rents (an average of 0.26%) for the first half of 2013. Their opinions are confirmed by the latest data of the National Statistical Institute, according to... more
Serious movement in the real estate sector in Bulgaria
The Executive Director of the Credit Center Tihomir Toshev reported that, the first quarter of the year was quite good for the real estate market in Bulgaria. There was an increase in transactions by 23% on an annual basis in the major cities. According to the specialist, this indicates more... more
The most important about taxes in 2013
By 01.01.2013-all taxes and insurances will be paid with a single account as at first will be cleaned older obligations. The final tax liability will be repaid only if the funds are sufficient to cover all of the public duties. The new arrangements will apply only to the central taxes-VAT,... more
Bulgaria is among the cheapest destinations for construction in the world
According to the consulting company EC Harris, Bulgaria is among the ten cheapest countries for construction in the world. According to the "cheap construction" our country is ranked at 6th place, and in the overall ranking of the company's - 42nd position on construction costs. The cheapest... more
Property maintenance in Bulgaria costs 1,50 BGN per sq.m
Many people provided with new housing in recent years, find out after their accommodation that caring for the common parts of the building or complex is better to entrust to professionals, instead of the housekeeper volunteer that shows up once a month to collect the money for the power of the... more
The moratorium on the acquisition of agricultural land in Bulgaria for foreigners
Comments on the decision of the Bulgarian Parliament to prolong the moratorium on the acquisition of ownership of agricultural land in Bulgaria by foreigners and foreign legal entities Moratorium on economic development of Bulgaria . This is how we can briefly summarize the decision of the... more
The new housing construction in Bulgaria is concentrated on the Black Sea
According to data of the National Statistical Institute (NSI), Sofia seriously is lagging in the new housing construction compared to other major cities in the country. In the capital during the second quarter have been placed in service 16 new residential buildings. More active is the... more
The demand for land remains the main investment priority for agribusiness in Bulgaria
The demand for land remains a major priority in the overall investment activity in agriculture for the past two years. In 2011, the average market price of farmland reached 361 BGN per acre. This is indicated in the analysis of the market of agricultural lands for 2011 and 2012, published by the... more
New Bulgarian service from Google
Now the Bulgarian users can benefit from the service Google Map Maker. This will help for more detailed mapping of the country and will also help in creating more accurate and enriched map of Europe. Anyone can share the sights on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, such as the Add via Map Maker all... more
Boom in property sales at the beginning of the year
The year began very dynamic with an increased number of deals for the first quarter, which is confirmed by the data of the Registry Agency. There was big activity especially in the beginning of the year up to mid-February, when buyers were extremely active and even had a shortage of quality... more
How to choose the perfect new home in Bulgaria
The most important thing when buying a home for the first time is not to mislead yourself that you know everything and can handle alone. There is nothing wrong and shameful in this to seek help and assistance from specialist. Buying a new home is a serious step, so it is better to take with you... more
Supply of properties in Bulgaria exceeds demand despite the growth in transactions
Data of the consultancy company ERA indicate that the supply of properties on the market continues to exceed demand, despite the growth in the transactions, which are observed during the first half of the year. During the first six months of the year, the company reported 23% increase of... more
Property Taxes
The tax is nonrefundable and gratuitously (not connected to direct benefit) payment imposed unilaterally by a general form of the State, element of budgetary income, which together with other revenues is allocated to meet public needs. It is imposed to certain groups of objects or persons. In an... more
Changing the status of agricultural land in Bulgaria
The borders and the use of the agricultural land in Bulgaria which are included in the borders of the towns and villages are defined by a general or comprehensive structural plan. The inclusion of agricultural property in these plans can happen after a procedure of changing the status of the... more
Notary fees in Bulgaria
There is new notary fees after the first of July 2009. In most of the cases for a property deal with value between 25 000 and 50 000 euro the notaries will charge 245 euro plus 0.5% for the amount above 25 000 euro, where the old tax for the same price range was 160 euro plus 0.2% for the amount... more
The construction of new buildings is reviving in 2013
Over 65,000 construction workers have lost their jobs since the beginning of the year, because of the crisis. Over 500 companies from the industry has bankrupt. The government promised new projects for the construction companies next year. Experts expect 2 billion from the EU which have to be... more
EU citizens already buy property in Bulgaria as physical persons
From 01.01.2012 some of the restrictions, regarding purchasing a property in Bulgaria dropped out. It is referred to citizens of European Union (EU) or the countries - parties to the Agreement on the European Economic Area (EEAA) as well as legal entities established under the laws of EU Member... more
The Metro stations and the Malls are changing the real estate market
The opening of new shopping centers and the completion of infrastructure projects are the main factors which affect and define the market for commercial areas in the country for the next years. Four new Malls will be opened until the end of 2013 Commercial areas in Bulgaria has reached 630... more
Bulgaria is 16th in the world in decreasing prices on the real estate market
Property prices in Bulgaria dropped down with about 2.6% in the second quarter of 2012, according to the consulting company Knight Frank. The report includes 54 countries. Bulgaria is one of the 23 countries that reported a decrease in property prices for the period. The country ranks 39th place... more
Sofia is on a 12-th place in the world for income from commercial property
Sofia is the 12th in the world city rankings for the highest levels of income from investment in commercial real estate, according to a report by global company Cushman & Wakefield. This unenviable position is a consequence of the global economic crisis, where most international investors are... more
Properties in Sofia cheapest since 2006
For the first time since the last four years the data from the last months for the real estate market is predominantly positive. There is a destabilization of prices and the first timid attempts increases, which indicates for finding equilibrium and beginning a recovery from the crisis. An... more
The Euro Crisis is affecting bad also to many world markets
After a brief improvement in performance in the global market for commercial properties it has deteriorated again in the second quarter of the year, according to a new study by the Royal Institution of licensed appraisers of property (RICS) Respondents are now more cautious in terms of the lease... more
Funds for land in Bulgaria more and more concentrate their assets
Funds for land in Bulgaria more and more concentrate their assets   Last deals with agricultural lands lead to consolidating of the areas and differentiation of priority regions.   The Funds for agricultural lands more and more concentrate their ownership in the areas which has priority for... more
Apartments prices and rents levels a year later
November is coming to an end and after the movement on the real estate market, reported by almost all real estate professionals over the past few months, we can look back and compare real estate prices and rents now to those years ago. Certainly the situation now is not very acceptable for the... more
What is the future development of today`s shops
Online marketing will double up to10% of global sales traders within the next two years. Internet marketing has radically altered the way we communicate, do business and shop. Large international retailers were looking these changes with suspicion and considered them more as a threat to their... more
Sofia is in the top three for construction of commercial properties in Eastern Europe
Sofia ranks third among the largest cities in Eastern Europe for retail space under construction at the end of the third quarter of 2012, according to a report of Colliers International. According to the market analysis based on retail space in 13 cities, the region Sofia takes third place with... more
Which are the greenest cities in the country
The capital Sofia is the largest "green" city in the country (with a population of over 200,000 inhabitants) and Kocherinovo - the smallest (with less than 3000 inhabitants). Greenhouse gas emission reductions and energy savings , as a result of implemented energy efficiency measures by... more
Bulgaria again in top 10 of most attractive destinations for investment
  Bulgaria again fell into the top 10 of the most attractive destinations for real estate investments by the British. According to the online edition "The Move Channel", Bulgaria has climbed in the rankings for searching of second home in 2012 to the 8th enviable place. The first place... more
Housing prices in Bulgaria dropped one to three per cent in 2012
Prices of residential property decreased by one to three per cent in 2012, public broadcaster Bulgarian National Television said on January 30 2013, quoting what it described as a major player in the Bulgarian property market. According to the company, housing transactions in the past 12 months... more
Russian civil servants in favor for Bulgarian property
The business daily Vedomosti said, that the Russian civil servants with property abroad favored Bulgarian real estate because of low prices and mild climate. Vedomosti, sifted through thousands of asset declarations filed by Russian civil servants and top-level executives in state-owned... more
Bulgaria’s Dwelling Prices Slumped by 2.7 percent in 2012
The market price index of the dwellings in Bulgaria for the fourth quarter of 2012 compared to the third quarter of 2012 was 99.3%, i.e. the average decrease of the market prices of the dwellings was 0.7%. The market price index of the dwellings for the fourth quarter of 2012 in comparison with... more
Bulgaria 39th in Knight Frank Global House Price Index
House prices in Bulgaria fell by 2.6% on an annual basis in the second quarter of 2012, according to a report of the Knight Frank consultancy. The latest edition of the Knight Frank Global House Price Index, which compares the performance of mainstream residential markets across the world on a... more
Bulgarian Residential Property Prices Slump Further
The index of residential property prices calculated each quarter by Bulgaria's National Statistical Institute has gone by 0.5% in the third quarter on a quarterly basis. The decline in Bulgaria's residential property prices is greater when estimated year-on-year - the index is down by 2.2%... more
How To Build In Bulgaria?
Bulgaria has quite a relaxed attitude towards construction. There is no need to stick to a specific door color or house paint but do not fall into the trap of thinking that there are no regulations to comply with. Besides the basic regulations of Bulgaria's Building Act there are different... more
Bulgarian property guide for purchases
Things to know before purchasing properties in Bulgaria Purchasing property anywhere can be a hassle, especially if you are a foreigner trying to purchase real estate in a foreign country, such as more
Types of Bulgarian Real Estate Properies
Types of Bulgarian properties Apartments in Ski or Beach resorts, House or Land Bulgaria is a land full of diversity, but it is not a negative attribute. Bulgaria is diverse in its landscape, its culture, its history, and most of all, in its real estate market. Everything about Bulgaria is... more
Tourism and Bulgarian property investments
Tourism is a profitable economy sector for any country, state, city, town, or village. Bulgaria is a popular holiday destination because tourists can come to Bulgaria all year long and take a vacation. The country has beautiful beach resorts and steep ski runs for ski and snowboard lovers.... more
Who invest in Bulgarian property?
Several years back, the answer to the question "Who invest in Bulgarian property?" would have been very simple. The Bulgarian property market was mainly invaded by Britons. And that was normal - it is the UK stock market, which is most developed in... more
Property prices in Bulgaria grow by 25%
Cheap Bulgarian properties continue to attract investors The prices of real estate properties in Bulgaria have risen by over 25% since the beginning of 2007, show latest... more
Property Taxes In Bulgaria
Every owner of a building or a plot is obliged to pay annual property tax. In addition to the real estate tax, owners also pay waste-collection fees unless they are unsubscribed from it. Once you purchase a property in Bulgaria you have to declare it in the local Tax services. You submit a... more
Finding a Real Estate Agent in Bulgaria
It can be long and tedious search to find a good real estate agency no matter where you are. This can be true for finding a real estate agent in Bulgaria. One of the things that make finding a real estate agent in Bulgaria harder is trying to find one, who speaks English if you are not fluent in... more
Buying property in Bulgaria
What to Expect? It is great that you have decided to buy or invest in property in Bulgaria, but you may not know what to expect. When buying in Bulgaria, you can expect a lot of things, from great priced real estate to a variety of types of real... more
Property prices in bulgaria
Prices of real estate properties in the Republic of Bulgaria have started to increase rapidly with the growing authorities of the country because of its membership in the EU. Bulgaria became open to business in many aspects and now it offers new opportunities for business and finding foreign... more
Four steps for changing agricultural land to regulated
The margins and the purpose of agricultural land in the building borders of a settlement are defined by detailed structural plan or the so called PUP. Adding agricultural piece of land in those plans is possible after a procedure for changing the... more
The market of Luxury Properties
The prices of luxury properties in Bulgaria are still among the lowest in Europe. However, as a European Union capital Sofia will take part in the luxury real estate market. Little research shows that most of the luxury real estate deals are either in the capital, sea or winter resorts. True... more
The New Hotspots Among Ski Resorts
Bulgaria has for long been the first choice destination for people looking for competitively priced ski properties. Among one of the busiest real estate markets are the ones in Bansko and Pamporovo .Still there are two... more
Plots are offered for pre-crisis prices
Owners of land for construction are trying to sell it for prices close to those before the crisis. Demand remains weak and many buyers want lower prices. At the same time the offers of the sellers are very high In fact, they have the same level as it was three years ago. The reasons are clear -... more
Stable activity of investors in commercial real estate worldwide
In the third quarter of the year the volume of investments was 96 billion dollars. More significant decrease was recorded in investments in Europe. The activity of commercial real estate investors globally remained stable in the third quarter of 2012.During the period bargains for 96 billion... more
Residential land in Sofia twice more expensive than in Varna and Burgas
Bursting of the housing bubble in the country has led to a strong decrease in the prices of plots, which makes more people to consider whether they can afford to build and live in their own house. Despite the decrease, however, they still remain at high levels. The reason - many investors have... more
Golf Properties In Bulgaria
Regarding playable days Bulgaria cannot compare to Spain, Morocco or Portugal. However setting a course in the right location and combining it with additional quality features like spa and wellness, horse-riding, tennis courts, ski and sandy beaches can turn it to much more appealing destination... more
Buying property from the municipality
Everyone has seen those big run-down properties former schools or kinder gardens in the center of a pretty Bulgarian village with vast gardens of thousands of sq m. No doubt they are a promise to become spectacular new homes... more
Invest in Bulgaria
A picturesque small country called Bulgaria has existed for more than 13 centuries in Europe, linking the East and the West.Discover BulgariaBulgaria is situated in Southeast Europe and... more
Managing your new overseas holiday home
Day dreaming about your I future home overseas and then sorting out the financial details of paying for and running the property are often two worlds apart.But dull as money management may seem, it's a vital part of the home buying process abroad and tends to get very interesting when you... more
Process of buying a property
Every country's property market appears different from the next but most of them, excluding a handful! of exceptions, share basic similarities in their buying processesA detailed guide to the buying process in every foreign land would be as long as this handbook as each nation has its... more
occupation theory of private property
  One of the earliest justifications for private property is contained in what has been called the occupation theory. This theory attempts to answer the relatively simple question of how things become the subject-matter of private ownership. It is taken for granted that things are ours because... more
Bulgarian Company Re-registration regulations
Company re-registration in Bulgaria Due to the huge interest regarding the company re-registration we would like to outline a few points that will clear the reason for that change and will explain why it was necessary. In the spirit of the good European practice the Bulgarian Parliament passed... more
The construction of holiday properties has stopped
During the past six months the choice and the offering of holiday properties provided real by investors has decreased significantly comparing the same period during 2011- shows a report of Foros company The completed vacation buildings are with total area of 42,778 square meters and are located... more
Experts expect better prospects for the global property market by the end of the year
This year the main motive power of growth will be markets in the Asia-Pacific region, say global consultants Mood and activity of real estate investors globally were hesitant in the first half. After a slow start in 2012 in the second quarter experts saw movement. Recovery is expected to persist... more
Karl Brinker - we see potential for development of logistic facilities in Bulgaria
Karl Brinker is a director of Project development in Erste Group Immorent AG, along with this for two years from 2009 is a chairman of the company for Serbia.   Before 2008 he was a chairman of the board of the directors in the Austrian real estate company Suba Bau und Baubetreuung AG.  ... more
How many properties have been sold in the ten largest cities in the country
In the third quarter of 2012 in the country 58,643 bargains for real estate properties are concluded, according to the Registry Agency. As a comparison a year earlier transactions were 54,997. Now we can see growth of 6.63 %. The number of transactions is the highest for the last four quarters,... more
Bulgaria opens doors for foreign tourists and investments
Holders of Schengen visas can visit and stay in Bulgaria without Bulgarian visas Based on a proposal of the Prime Minister, the Government decides that until the date of full integration for Bulgaria into the Schengen area, Bulgaria will keep unilateral visa regime which will apply to holders of... more
Real estate foreign investments - before and after the crisis
The trade for purchasing a real estate property as investments is intransitive. It only changes its dynamics and specifics in terms of property types and models of investment. Before the crisis the country was rich in real estate investments, many of them were made by foreign entrepreneurs and... more
How to buy property in Bulgaria
Buyers of а real estate are the final consumers no matter if they buy property for personal use, or for investment , when concluding deals for profit or renting the purchased property for profitability and return the investment.Potential buyers are most often faced with number of questions... more
Tendency in Second Home Prices in Bulgaria
The new 2011 has just started. Analysis, comments and forecasts for the real estate market in Bulgaria pop up every day from various sources. Still most of them are pure speculation or a curved attempt of marketing. While reading and applying it on our own experience we rarely find a match. It... more
BULSTAT registration for foreign owners of real estate in Bulgaria. As known when buying a real estate which includes land in Bulgaria a foreign citizen must register a local company which will actually own the land. This is really formal and in fact the legal entity does not have to be active... more
Global warming affects the investments in forests
The investments in biomass are a reason for strong interest in the investments in forest areas which increases even more during the last year. The investments in forests continue to attract investment interest despite the recession, the specialists notice an activity not only in established but... more
Why Bulgaria?
When you are buying property anywhere the first thing you might ask yourself is why here. So, right now you may be asking yourself, "why Bulgaria?". This is a valid question and can be easily answered if you just take the time to more
Bulgarian Museum Towns
Bulgaria's best ‘property' is definitely its unique nature and precious history. It leaves me breathless and wanting more. Enchanted by its magic and feeling it with every fiber of my Bulgarian soul I would rather share my experience than trying to describe something that can't be fully described... more
Oman puts "Super Borovets" project in motion, the investment will be 1,1 billion dollars
Oman puts "Super Borovets" project in motion, the investment will be 1,1 billion dollars The investment fund of Oman State General Reserve Fund (SGRF) and a division of British Equest Investment Balkans Plc are building a ski resort for 800 million euros (1.1 billion dollars) in Bulgaria, said... more
Hunting and Fishing in Bulgaria
Are you bored with city life or you just want to relax near some lake or river? Fishing and hunting are the world’s most popular hobbies and are means of recreation and relaxation. They provide an opportunity to get away from the anxiety and stresses of the big city.Bulgaria is the grace haven... more
Limits on Property
Conceptualizing property as a dynamic concept presupposes that property law is also dynamic, or, in other words capable of adapting to changes in the property relationship. If we are to say that the nature of property changes with time, we are also saying that the law changes in order to... more
Nature of Contracts
Practically every personal business activity involves a contract; the purchase of a color TV , the renting of an apartment , buying a property. In each transaction relating to the acquisition of raw materials, their manufacture, and the distribution of the finished product by business, there are... more
Bulgarian property investment - Do it wisely
In the past few years a number of people from various parts of the world started to look at our pretty, small country in a different way; Some chose it for their place for recreation; others liked it better as their second home; yet others recognized it as an appropriate place for investment.... more
Changing Nature of Property
Classification of property is important in property law; however it is equally important to appreciate that classification of property in one era of time is not necessarily the same as that in another. In other words, the idea and nature of property change from one period of time to another. Any... more
Contract Performance
What happens to contracts once they are created? In most cases they are performed. But how we know when the performance is good enough? For example, in a construction contract that specifies a certain type of plumbing type, does another equally functioning pipe satisfy the contract? The courts... more
Liability of Principal
Under certain circumstances the principal may be liable to the third person for the torts or crimes of the agent or employee. Assume that an agent or an employee causes harm to a third person. Is the principal or employer liable for this conduct? If the conduct constitutes a crime, can the... more
Law of Contracts
A sale is a voluntary transaction between two parties. Accordingly, most of the principles that apply to contractual agreements in general are equally applicable to a sale of goods.Modern marketing practices have modified the strict principles of contract law, and this approach is carried into... more
What documents do you need in order to sell your Bulgarian property
  You have purchased a property in Bulgaria and now you have decided to resell it. All went good and you have found a buyer. Now you are facing the hassle to gather all necessary papers.What exactly you need? Everybody... more
Buy And Rent
Sofia The country’s capital, Sofia has around 1.2 million inhabitants but that number is constantly growing as the unemployed from the countryside move here looking for work.Most of that population lives in the ugly concrete tower blocks that make up Sofia’s outlying districts. New... more
Building In Bulgaria From Scratch
The type of building you can build on a plot (height restrictions, size, distance to neighbors etc.) is commonly referred to as the PUP. If the work that you intend to carry out is not permitted in the PUP then you will have to engage an architect to apply to the municipality to have the PUP... more
Renovating your Bulgarian Property
Browsing through property listings, one cannot help but notice that a large majority of properties for sale in Bulgaria require renovation. You will often see property in need of renovation or estate requiring modernization. With so many people... more
The Market Of Holiday Apartments
Thousands of holiday apartments wait for their new owners.The market is abundant in offers as the traditional buyers from the UK backed off after the mortgage crisis in the Kingdom.At present real estate prices remain stable. The average percent of properties sold in holiday complexes on the... more
Property Management
Great! You have finally decided to invest in a buy-to-let property overseas. You heard that Bulgaria is the hotspot for the past few years with best return on investment and lowest prices of properties in whole European Union. You bump into one of the thousand real estate agents in Bulgaria and... more
The Mortgage Market In Bulgaria
The interest rates of mortgages for properties in Bulgaria vary from 6 to 7% - much higher than those in Spain and France. As more and more Brits are investing in Bulgaria the financial institutions and mortgage lenders are interested in expanding their business in our... more
The Buy-To-Let Market In Bulgaria
Bulgaria is a much less mature market than other European property markets such as Spain. However Bulgaria has enjoyed a lot of interest recently and its tourism industry is growing at the fastest rate in Europe. Bulgaria is expected to enjoy 20 million annual tourists by 2010. While Bulgarian... more
Regulations For The Entry And Stay Of Eu Citizens In Bulgaria
A new law determines the conditions under which citizens of European Union (EU) countries, Switzerland and the European Economic Community (EEC) countries get to enter and stay in Bulgaria. The law is in force since January 1 2007. EU citizens need ID card or international passport to enter and... more
Dos And Don'ts Of Buying In Bulgaria
Dos Always use a reputable English speaking solicitor/lawyer This ensures the buyer will be secure in the knowledge that all of the necessary legal checks ensuring title to the property are carried out, that there are no debts against the property and if it is an off-plan or new property, the... more
Going Native
We did it. We bought a derelict property in north Bulgaria over the internet from our council maisonette in Sheffield. Everyone thinks we are crazy, but at 3,900 Euros, and the cost of setting up the company ‘Maketree’ and the agent’s costs, we have spent under £5,000.... more
Plovdiv Living Guide
Let it slip into a conversation that you live in Plovdiv and the first comment you’ll generally hear would be something like “Plovdiv… lucky you!” And what is it about Plovdiv that everyone in Bulgaria seems to know and be secretly envious of? Its warm, temperate climate?... more
Bulgarian Travel Market Through The Eyes Of A Pro
August is a month when things generally, well – they stopped. Cars were few and far between; businesses as well as government simply shut down for the month and the streets and shops had a noticeable absence of people. August was “the holiday month”. How things change in such... more
Employment Contracts
The relationships between workers and their employers are defined and regulated by obligatory employment contracts. There are many types of contracts; all of them have to specify the location and type of work and the salary. Usually, contracts are signed for an indefinite period of time, with the... more
Human Resources General Info
As a result of Bulgaria's European Union integration process and rapid economic growth, much of the country's human resources practise has been synchronised with that of Western Europe. Still, employers in Bulgaria remain restricted by bureaucracy as far as dismissal rights are concerned. A... more
Costs Of Living
Cost of living Loaf of bread 0.30 euro  Box of milk 1 l 0.75 euro  Cheese 1 kg 3.50 euro Apples 1 kg 1.00 euro  Potatoes 1 kg... more
Currency Exchange Tips
- It is advisable to exchange money in a bank. Currency exchange rates in banks are sometimes lower than the ones exchange bureaus offer but you would be certain of the amount you would receive and avoid chances of being tricked.   - The Bulgarian currency is the lev. When exchanging money,... more
Taxation Overview
In view of the country's upcoming European Union accession, Bulgaria has made considerable reforms in the taxation system to harmonise it with EU legislation. In 2006, the corporate tax rate remains 15 per cent. Special-purpose investment companies and companies setting up in areas with high... more
The Other Summer
In the months of July and August, Bulgaria’s archeological sites and cultural festivals are among alternatives to baking yourself on the beach. Or perhaps you have no problem with hot weather, and would like to opt for somewhere likely to be less crowded than the sizzling sands of the Black... more
The Bansko Alternative
So you’ve been to Bansko in the winter. You’ve tried to walk its crowded streets and tried to find a parking space. You’ve been skiing in the day and drinking in the mehani (taverns) at night - if you found a table - and you probably think there is nothing much to do in Bansko... more
Where Magic Lives
On the way to Trigrad, my friends kept telling me what a magical place it is. Apart from its beauty, whispers of ages past echo in the Rhodope Mountains, they claimed. Several times we stopped in order to show me the sights. In their enthusiasm they may not have realised that it was pitch dark,... more
Teres, The Masked King
A team of Bulgarian archaeologists, led by Professor Georgi Kitov, discovered a 2400-year old golden mask in the tomb of an ancient Thracian king on August 19. The mask bears the image of a human face and is made of 500 grams of solid gold, Kitov said. The discovery was made near the town of... more
Adventures In Chiprovtsi
Generally tales of adventure are about pirates, one-legged scalliwags, and treasure maps. However, a tale of a holiday in Chiprovtsi (near Montana) will rather resemble Robert Stevenson's Treasure Island, with the exception that it is all true. Holidaymakers and tourists will become part of the... more
Touring Ancient Perperikon
The organised trip to the ancient complex of Perperikon started on a very early Saturday morning in front of the Vassil Levski National Stadium. Little did we know that it would turn into a wild run to Kurdzhali, across Kurdzhali and out of Kurdzhali, the town near Perperikon. The tour was... more
Bumbling Along The Black Sea Coast
The Black Sea filled us with more dreams, more visions of more fun, more hopes for future visits, than anywhere else in Bulgaria. How could one lie on the sands of Sozopol and not wish to stay forever, to purchase a bungalow and settle down to a life of idle strolling along the ancient town's... more
Discovering Karlovo
A nice evening drive over the smooth road through Plovdiv ended in the town in Karlovo (144 km east of Sofia). A group of close friends invited me to spend a merry weekend with them in the birthplace of Bulgaria's greatest hero Vassil Levski (1837- 1873). Levski dedicated his life to freeing the... more
Following The Yellow Brick Road
Armed with a camera, a pencil and a notebook, Clive Cooper set out to explore Sofia’s yellow brick road that runs through the area surrounding Alexander Nevski. A ‘Bulgarian virgin’, this being his first visit to the country, and having no knowledge of the language, this... more
Taking A Natural Interest
Our Earth is an art gallery and nature never ceases to amaze. It is hard to capture the world’s amazing beauty inside four walls, but the National Museum of Natural History has done quite a good job of it. This museum displays much of Bulgaria’s raw and natural beauty along with... more
It's a pleasant surprise how venturing a mere 20 minutes out of Sofia brings you into tree-covered mountains, refreshingly erasing any remnants of urban life from the landscape. There aren’t many other capital cities I’ve been to from which you can escape the bright lights and be amid... more
Stone Sleuthing: The Starosel - Chetinyova Mogila
About 140 km southeast of Sofia, outside of the town of Starosel, Bulgaria, sits an impressive Thracian shrine known as the Chetinyova Mogila (mogila). Formed in the shape of a hill, the mogila has a grand view of the Pyasuchnik River Valley and is clearly the effort of powerful king. Some... more
Rila Magic
With icy streams gurgling through lush tree-covered mountains, it’s easy to see why Ivan Rilski chose the Rila mountains to lead his hermetic life. Our accommodation was a notch up from Rilski’s cave, but only just. Organised as ever, we had completely failed to book anything in... more
Bliss In Beli Iskar
In spite of its proximity to the overcrowded winter resort Borovets and the town of Samokov, the village of Beli Iskar still retains its quiet beauty and blissful peace and the feeling of being somewhere far, far away. Until it becomes part of the Super Borovets resort, a time that is fast... more
Ups And Downs In Pamporovo
The Irish tourist with whom I was sharing lunch had a gleam of happy enthusiasm in her eye.We were having lunch a short falling distance from the beginner’s slopes in Pamporovo, while her husband and my wife were off further up Snezhanka peak, skiing on slopes appropriate to their... more
Treasured History
Treasure hunters, archaeologists and ancient treasures. It sounds like the makings of an Indiana Jones film, but this adventure is taking place right here in Bulgaria, right now. The past two years have seen a wealth of treasures unearthed dating back to the times of the Thracians, who inhabited... more
Vitosha: Slippery Slopes
It’s pure luxury, after a 10 km drive from Sofia you are in winter wonderland, a.k.a. Vitosha Mountain. On one cold Sunday afternoon I decided to make my way up, and see for myself. Slowly but surely the car made its way through Dragalevtsi, up the mountain. The road going up was covered... more
Magical Mystery Tour(ism)
Clinging steadfastly to the cliff on which I’m perched, I daringly peer over my shoulder, little trusting the pieces of wood that hold my life in their hands. Should I fall, there’s a deadly waterslide waiting to catch me, a thrilling but perilous ride that would dash my body numerous... more
Sunday Afternoon In Radomir
There are abandoned playgrounds all over Radomir, though it is not a childless town. When I visited on a Sunday afternoon, there were a few children out riding bicycles and a few others walking with their parents, but most, as I could tell from the noise coming from the apartment buildings, were... more
Life Off The Beaten Path
Sliven and Yambol occupy a grey zone for most expats in Bulgaria. Far from the ski resorts in the mountains and just outside the area marked as the seaside, few foreigners have reason to venture to the two cities. They’re working towns. Regular people live there, the kind that get up and go... more
Plovdiv's Pleasures
Our car has broken down. I’d never thought I’d make a problem out it, but travelling to Plovdiv by Public Transport didn’t seem very appealing to me. Visions of smelly villagers, with bags and boxes containing food that would dominate any other kind of odour, were pestering me.... more
Escaping Winter's Shackles
“Spring had arrived, at last!” Or so I mistakenly thought a number of times when I caught glimpses of the early March sun, or leapt puddles formed by snowmelt through Sofia’s streets. But winter was not done yet, its talons firmly drawing back the cover of cloud and snow that... more
Some Autumn Alternatives- Part 1
A little late in the year for the seaside, somewhat too early for the ski resorts; if you are drinking white wine or mastika, it is because you do not want summer’s warming embrace to slip away; if you are drinking red wine or dark beer, you long to sense the icy overture to winter. I... more
Best Foot Forward
Snowshoeing in the Rila Mountains sounded like just what the doctor ordered, after a bout of very nasty flu in January left me with the winter blues.The offer came from Odysseia In, the best known name in alternative tourism in Bulgaria, which was hosting one of its regular journalists’... more
Rambling Through Random Villages
Sofia is not Bulgaria, it is often said, and there is little question that interest in spending some time in villages is growing both among foreign tourists, and people resident in the country, keen to sample something of the quiet, the atmosphere, and the cuisine that gives a pointer to... more
Sofia Is My Kind Of Place
Sofia is big, enough and not too. Depending on whom you ask, it’s either a charming, if somewhat decrepit, Southeast European former communist capital, or a somewhat large city that is trying to find its place, or, it's just perfect. Most foreigners like it here, otherwise they would not... more
Kovachevitsa On The Move
Formerly renowned as a happy hunting ground for location scouts for the Bulgarian film industry, the village of Kovachevitsa is transforming itself for tourists thanks to an initiative launched in 2002. A non-profit organisation, the Historical and Architectural Reserve Village Kovachevitsa... more
Conservation And Profitability Through Ecotourism
Tourism is big business in Bulgaria, and the Black Sea coast is booming. But as seaside villages disappear under a plethora of hotels and tourists complain about the ubiquitous construction works, the industry could be in danger of becoming a victim of its own success. Conservation and... more
Gabrovo Region
Bozhentsi The architectural reserve of Bozhentsi is located 16km to the north-east from Gabrovo, through the village of Kmetovtsi. The reserve consists of nearly 100 18th century Bulgarian Revival houses beyond which lies only forest. Beware that a couvert charge to enter the village may be... more
Karlovo: In The Heart Of Bulgaria
Karlovo was the home of Levski. Need I say more to establish the town’s place in Bulgaria’s heartland? If you are interested in the real Bulgaria, you must journey to the homestead of the nation’s most beloved founding father. Because of his dauntless courage, Levski was called... more
Restaurant Touring
Here are some interesting and unusual places you could visit during the holiday. In case you don't have the possibility for a real vacation and all you need is to escape from the city for a couple of hours, restaurant touring will do the trick. All you need is your car, a little gasoline and good... more
Golf Touring
A game that has been existing for at least six centuries and has almost 100 million followers all over the world, still hasn't gained popularity in Bulgaria. There are three functioning golf courses – two in Ihtiman and Sliven – both of which are property of Air Sofia, and one course... more
Bulgaria has reformatted significantly its taxation system to harmonise it with EU legislation.The tax year begins on January 1 and ends on December 31.Corporate taxIn 2006 Bulgaria’s Cabinet decided to decrease the corporate tax rate for 2007 to 10 per cent. Local and foreign companies... more
Setting Up A Company
The two most preferred forms of carrying out business in Bulgaria are with a joint-stock company (AD) or a limited-liability company (OOD). Both types of companies develop their capital by individual shareholder contributions. Unlike the OOD shares, AD shares are not attributed to individuals and... more
One of the biggest and most problematic deals of 2006 was the privatisation of Boyana Film Studios. The company was bought by the American Nu Image for 12.224 million leva. The privatisation contract also included additional 30 million leva of investment. Boyana Film Studios appealed the deal and... more
Credit expansion remains a serious problem of the Bulgarian banking sector. The loan increase has caused concerns to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank. In 2006 the IMF has agreed only to partial removal of the imposed credit limitations. Loan restrictions were imposed... more
In 2003 Bulgaria introduced the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and all companies registered in the country are required to use them for their consolidated financial statements.Investors in Bulgaria should have in mind that since 2005, International Accounting Standards (IASs)... more
Tourism is one of the most thriving and, yet most problematic, business sectors in Bulgaria. The greatest challenge the country faces is finding ways to make the utmost use of its unique tourism resources. Bulgaria provides first-class mountain and sea resorts, but because of poor marketing the... more
Step By Step Guide
Buying an apartment for an office and/or dwelling purposes in Bulgaria should NOT be different than buying of an apartment elsewhere in Europe. However, things are not as easy and as straightforward as one might think. In practical terms, the deal should take place within the following... more
Real Estate Overview
EnvironmentEveryone is into Bulgarian real estate these days. The market reached incredible heights in 2005 and 2006, boosted by foreign interest and by the increased purchasing power of Bulgarians due to the increased availability of mortgage loans. Hundreds of agencies have sprung up, not just... more
Driving Regulations
Regulations Road signs and driving regulations in Bulgaria follow international standards, though some signs might be missing in villages and on rural roadsForeign citizens may drive in Bulgaria using foreign driving licenses for up to one year after entering Bulgaria. After the end of that... more
Agriculture was Bulgaria’s leading economic sector during the communist era. The restitution of property, however, led to the fragmentation of the land and a consequent crisis in the sector. Now, with the help of SAPARD funds and the active government policy, agriculture is gradually being... more
Bulgarian black sea coast
The eastern Bulgarian border is washed by the Black Sea- a 380 km stretch of marvelous sandy beaches, rocky coves, calm and safe sea, clear water and healthy fresh air, fine gold sand and natural dunes, mineral water springs, holiday villages and campsites. The average temperature in the summer... more
Bulgaria remains the runaway leader in eastern Europe
Invest in property in Bulgaria   Bulgaria remains the runaway leader in eastern Europe. The country presently produces an average of 84 per cent return on capital investment, well... more
New properties for sale - Sept 17, 2007
This week we are able to offer you over 40 new properties in Bulgaria for sale at Best Bulgarian Properties!Cheap Bulgarian Properties If you are looking for an excellent investment... more
Investment Opportunities in Bulgarian Real Estate
There are many real estate opportunities in Bulgaria. The real estate market is in full swing and is selling for cheaper then all of Europe. This fact alone makes the investment opportunities in Bulgarian real estate an amazing thing. There are... more
Real Estate Investment in Sofia
Excellent choice for earning through price increase and rentsWhere else would someone consider investing in real estate but the wonderful capital of Bulgaria, Sofia? Sofia is a great city that is the largest city in Bulgaria with a population of over 1.3 million. The city of Sofia is said to set... more
Beach Resorts in Bulgaria
The east side of Bulgaria borders with the Black Sea. Bulgaria, having the Black Sea as a coastline opens up an investment opportunity in beach resorts and the towns around them for many people interested in investing in Bulgaria. Should you take the time to look you can find many wise investment... more
Propery in Ski and Beach Resorts in Bulgaria
Why invest in Ski and Beach Resort Properies in Bulgaria? Bulgaria is full of fresh air, beautiful coasts, and majestic mountains. Bulgaria is a place of growth in the real estate market and should be considered when anyone is ready to invest money into any real estate. Resorts are being and are... more
New properties for sale - Sept 24, 2007
This week we are able to offer you over 25 new properties in Bulgaria for sale at Best Bulgarian Properties!Cheap Bulgarian Properties If you are looking for an investment in Bulgarian... more
Bulgaria is a popular ski destination
Bulgaria is one of the most popular ski destination in Europe. Thousands of skiers from all over the Europe choose to visit Bulgarian ski resorts like Bansko, Pamporovo and Borovets. Those mountain and ski resorts are famous with world class pistes, budget-friendly accommodation options and... more
Buying a quality property preserves the capital
The crisis with COVID-19 is different from any previous crises and its impact on the real estate market has nothing to do with the collapse of the real estate market in 2008. The pandemic found us in a very well-functioning, rising real estate market. Over the last 3-4 years a lot of people have... more
Bewitched by Bulgaria's Rhodopes mountains
Travelling in the Rhodope Mountains, the experience of Peter Duncan.Just before I left Britain I had the chance to listen to some beautiful harmonies sung by the London Bulgarian Choir. The traditional songs of love and tales of rural bliss proved an inspiring overture to my six-day guided visit... more
Vitosha Mountain in the autumn
Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, undoubtedly boasts several quite impressive features that will attract the attention of even the most skeptical of tourists, but there is one feature in particular that stands out from the crowd… literally. This is Vitosha Mountain. Located on the outskirts of the... more
Should You Buy Or Build A House In Bulgaria?
Bulgaria is a great place to live in because it is rather centrally located on the continent, having shared borders with countries like Greece, Turkey and Romania. It is only a night train or bus ride away from Austria, Italy, Hungary, Croatia and Slovakia. The country itself is a land of beauty... more
The pride of Tryavna
There are places untouched by history and time, where the present and the future shape a perfect picture, attracting visitors from all over the world. Dyado Nikola Square in the renaissance mountain town of Tryavna is one of these places. "The pride of Tryavna", as the locals call it, is a... more
Starosel: For Explorers and Wine Lovers
Nestled in the warm embrace of Sredna Gora (translated Middle Forest), just south of the majestic Balkan range and right in the middle of the sun-kissed Thracian Valley, Starosel offers a unique and “not-to-be-missed” opportunity to experience the best of the Bulgarian countryside. Endowed by... more
Over 3000 new homes for sale in Sofia
The real estate market in Bulgaria is dominated by the demand for new build properties. The property buyers prefer new built instead of old buildings due to many and various reasons. Some of them calculate that the repair of old buildings will cost more than the new flat. Others thought that the... more
Buying property under construction – what are the specifics
A newly built home bargains – such a listing would have tempted each buyer. Uncompleted properties are good, but also more risky investment. Often compensated owners of apartments hurry to sell them before completion. But how is it best to get a deal, so that we are insured against possible... more
In Bulgaria - building fewer, but larger homes
The main minus during the construction of the property boom was that they were small. The reason is clear – then the apartments were bought with loans very fast and the developers competed to build and sell. For the customers then, it was important to have their own home on the best possible... more
7% of transactions with apartments in Bulgaria above € 100 000
Over 7% of the purchases of properties in Sofia are worth more than 100,000 euro, as goal of 20 percent of the buyers is an investment. This indicates market analysis of one of the big brokerage agencies. "The center of the capital again caught the interest of buyers and there are concluded many... more
Veliko Tarnovo and Bourgas - best for living
Veliko Tarnovo and Bourgas are the best cities to live in for 2013. For the first time in the seven-year history of the awards, the winners are two cities. They have amassed the same number of points by the 20 - criteria on which the ranking is based on "the best city to live in", organized by... more
Integration Issues for the expats
The famed friendliness of the Bulgarians can be tested in the resort areas where there are a few loud, drunk foreign visitors but, similarly, do not judge Bulgarians or Bulgaria by the hurried waiters and money-making resorts of Sunny Beach or Bansko.Take time out to travel inland and explore the... more
Sozopol gives municipal plots for golf courses
Sozopol gives municipal plots for golf coursesPlots for three golf courses are defined in the new regulation plan of Sozopol, said the mayor of the town Panayot Reizi. Each one of them will be about 1000 dka large and predominant part of the plots is municipal property.The courses will be served... more