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Is Elon Musk coming to Bulgaria?

On November 22, 2022, the richest man in the world, owner of Tesla, SpaceX and Twitter, Elon Musk tweeted about the Bulgarian Belogradchik Fortress. He has mentioned that he has seen the fortress in a computer game, widely popular, Elden Ring. Since then many Bulgarians, including the Bulgarian Minister of Tourism Ilin Dimitrov have invited him to Bulgaria to visit the historical Belogradchik.


The minister has confirmed that Elon Musk accepted his invitation and he will visit Bulgaria in April, 2023. During his visit there is a possibility that a festival will be organized by the Ministry of Tourism. On the other hand, a famous restaurant located in Belogradchik area, ONA, has received and email from a SpaceX worker. The email says Elon Musk will be visiting Belogradchik region and the restaurant itself also on April 23, 2023.


This news became a trend topic in Bulgaria. People are already excited about the visit of the richest man in the world. The municipality of Belogradchik has started to plan Musk’s visit and to show Bulgarian hospitality to him. Although still many of the Bulgarians do not believe that Musk is going to come. Next few month is going to be exciting for the locals living in this region. Even though he does not come, Elon Musk made the Belogradchik Fortress world famous.