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Best Bulgarian Properties Ltd. (Best BG Properties) is a Bulgarian real estate agency established and based in the Bulgaria's capital city - Sofia in 2005

We have an extensive database of properties in Bulgaria. If we don't have the property that you require - industrial, commercial, rural or residential just contact us with your requirements and we will find you the right property.

Our reputed lawyers are arranging for our clients all the legalities associated with the purchase of a property in Bulgaria up to the completion of the sale.

We provide individual property viewing trips arranging everything from accommodation to transportation and entertainment. Our representatives will take you and show you properties that match your criteria. You only need to be present in Bulgaria to receive the keys and the Notary Deed of the property with your name or the name of your company on it.

We work in all aspects of property purchasing, in order to provide you with the most reliable and professional services. We offer the following property services:


1. Offer residential, commercial and industrial property for sale in Bulgaria.

Best Bulgarian Properties has a large selection of properties for sale in Bulgaria, including: holiday villas, retirement homes, houses, apartments, hotels, restaurants, bars, shops, warehouses, production facilities. We also have many contacts and are able to offer additional Bulgarian properties matching the buyer's criteria upon request. If you are not able to find the exact property for sale by searching our database of properties in Bulgaria, we advise you to fill our property request form and we will get back to you with a few options.


2. Arrange property sales and complete transactions


Best Bulgarian Properties arranges all the paper work and transfers the property on your name and oversees the issue of the Notary Deed of the property. We carry out the property sale from the beginning to the end including all the formalities in conducting the sale.


3. Provide legal advice and bulgarian company registrations


Our team of lawyers can provide advice regarding all legal issues associated with the bulgarian property purchase and the bulgarian company registration procedure. We will sort out all of the necessary matters and go through all of the steps in completing the property purchase for you. We charge 450 euro to register a limited company in Bulgaria for you. We normally complete the company registration procedure within less than 10 business days!

In case you could not visit Bulgaria to sign the necessary documents with a notary here, we provide a second option for you. All you will need to do is to send us a copy of your passport and the desired name of the company. We will then prepare the documents and will post them to you. Once you receive the documents you will have to go to the Bulgarian embassy in your country and sign the documents there. An other option is to have the documents signed infront of a notary public in your own country (*this option requires the documents to be in your native language so you should request the desired option beforehand). Contact us to ask any further questions that you might have.


4. After sales care


Best Bulgarian Properties provides you with property services even after you have purchased your bulgarian property. In order to make things easier for you we will:

- Transfer the water main account to your name

- Transfer the account with the electricity company to your name

- Pay your annual property taxes

- Fill your annual accountancy declaration for your bulgarian company

- Many other property related services that you might need


5. Bulgarian property management and rental services


Best Bulgarian Properties in cooperation with Bulgaria Properties Management undertakes Bulgarian property management and rental services including looking after and taking care of your property while you are away.

Upon request all of our clients could receive full management services such as

- property maintenance

- payment of bills for electricity, water and telephone

- payment of annual municipal and local taxes for your Bulgarian property

- cleaning

- laundry

- repairs

- regular inspection visits to the property

In case you just bought the property we are also offering services like:

- setting up new water acount

- setting up a new electricity account

- submitting annual tax returns

6. Property viewing trips


Best Bulgarian Properties organizes individual property viewing trips to see a selection of properties in Bulgaria. We charge 0.70 euro per kilometer, please contact us at for specific details or book a property viewing trip with us using our booking form. We can arrange your accommodation and transportation if you need us to and further assist you in your visit arrangements in order to make your stay in Bulgaria as pleasant and smooth as possible.


7. Property investment opportunity projects


For businessmen and companies looking to invest in Bulgaria, please contact us for a personal conversation and discussing the available options 

8. Construction and property renovations


Best Bulgarian Properties carries out all building works, guaranteeing you that the work will be done quickly but efficiently. Our own building team is at your disposal for renovation, modernization, repairs, refurbishing or expanding your property in Bulgaria. Do not hesitate to contact us for an advice for your property renovation or building project.


9. Bulgarian property insurance

Best Bulgarian Properties provides full cooperation for the insurance of your property in Bulgaria.

You could use property insurance services as a legal and physical person.

You can insure your movable or imovable Bulgarian property, meaning houses, apartments, shops, offices, garages and any other type of real estate. In the property insurance you can include the whole property along with its furniture and improvements including swimming pools, fences and any other movable property which is part of the insured real estate. For more details and to use our mortgage calculator please visit our property insurance page.

For questions or more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

10. Bulgarian property mortgage

Best Bulgarian Properties can assist you in using the options for bank mortgage. However in order to apply and be approved for a mortgage in Bulgaria you must have proven income in Bulgaria, therefore foreigners who are not connected with Bulgaria financially do not have access to mortgages from the bulgarian bank system 

For questions or more information please do not hesitate to contact us.