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Property renovation services in Bulgaria

Best Bulgarian Properties carries out all property renovation works for your property in Bulgaria. We guarantee you that the work will be done quickly and efficiently.
Whether you are planning a simple addition to your Bulgarian property, a complete property renovation or building a brand new house in Bulgaria our team is at your disposal to help you achieve the results you expect. We could help you tha finalizing work for your apartment in Bulgaria.

Best Bulgarian Properties offers low-cost property repairs and renovation projects to breathe new life into your tired old  property. See our 'Before' and 'After' sections below for examples of Bulgarian property renovations that we have done for some of our existing customers.


BeforeSofia Apartment finalizing workAfterSofia Apartment finalizing workDescriptionAlan's apartment - VIEW DESIGN
This is the finalizing work for an apartment that was bought in a new building in the center of Sofia.   It was delivered with rendered walls, unfinished bathrooms, no electrical plugs etc. For couple of months we turned the place into a modern and comfortable  apartment. The work done was...more
BeforeBuilding a new house in Golyamo Krushevo, Bolyarovo municipalityAfterBuilding a new house in Golyamo Krushevo, Bolyarovo municipalityDescriptionBuilding a new house in Golyamo Krushevo, Bolyarovo municipality - VIEW DESIGN
The owner of this property wanted to replicate an existing house with area 100 sq.m. that they saw in another place. We took the plans and replicate the house 1:1. We first took precise measurements of the existing house that they liked and then draw the plans. The construction was carried...more
BeforeBulgarian house renovation - MikrevoAfterBulgarian house renovation - MikrevoDescriptionBulgarian house renovation - Mikrevo - VIEW DESIGN
Malcolm and Gina bought that house because they liked the structure and the fact that it is spacious. They met our designer at the house and explained what they would like to achieve. In a few weeks they had the 3-D design ready. After some comments and remarks they had the work could begin ....more
BeforeCarl Tatton- house near BourgasAfterCarl Tatton- house near BourgasDescriptionCarl Tatton and his new house in the countryside - VIEW DESIGN
This rural house was bought in miserable condition. However the great potential that the property offered gave the opportunity to bring it to a high standart after a reasonable renovation. Going through several stages of hard work the construction has been supported and new disposition of...more
BeforeHouse renovation near SandanskiAfterHouse renovation near SandanskiDescriptionDarrell_carol's house - VIEW DESIGN
This is Darrell and Carol's house near Sandanski . When they first came in Bulgaria they have requested a place to relocate. After a few days of viewings around the country they definitely liked this one. Carol was a bit concerned as the house didn't have any bathrooms and toilets inside. The...more
BeforeFinishing and furnishing an apartment in SofiaAfterFinishing and furnishing an apartment in SofiaDescriptionFinishing and furnishing an apartment in Sofia - VIEW DESIGN
This apartment is located in the heart of Sofia. It is on the fifth floor of a newly built building and overlooks the neighbourhood revealing great view to the famous Alexander Nevski Cathedral. When it was bought by an Irish couple - Vincent and Helen it wasn't finish. The customers wanted...more
BeforeNewly built house near BourgasAfterNewly built house near BourgasDescriptionHouse in Belila - VIEW DESIGN
We started this house from scratch. The customer wanted something that is not very typical for Bulgaria so it was some sort of a challenge. We arranged architectural plans and all necessary paperwork as well as building permission. The building work itself took about five and half months, due to...more
BeforeHouse renovation near SandanskiAfterHouse renovation near SandanskiDescriptionHouse renovation in Lozenitsa - VIEW DESIGN
This house is located in South Bulgaria in an area famous with wine production. For a few months it was turned into a comfortable, modern looking house providing two bedrooms and a living room with kitchen on the first floor and a wide open-plan area with fire place on the second floor. The...more
BeforeHouse renovation near SandanskiAfterHouse renovation near SandanskiDescriptionIan and Cathy's house renovation in Bulgaria - VIEW DESIGN
BEST BG PROPERTIES BUILDERS CHANGE THIS HOUSE BEYOND RECOGNITION! HAVE A LOOK HERE ! Ian and Cathy bought an old house in a wonderful village in Bulgaria. However it appeared too small for them and asked our builders to make it nicer and bigger ! After long discussions with Irena - our...more
BeforeHouse renovation close to SandanskiAfterHouse renovation close to SandanskiDescriptionJann's house renovation - VIEW DESIGN
After a few months of hard work our builders have entirely changed Jan's house. It was an old mud built building. First thing that the architect took care of was the structure. Supporting columns were created at each angle. A new roof was made then. The house didn't have any bathrooms and now...more
BeforeHouse with landscaped garden and a swimming poolAfterHouse with landscaped garden and a swimming poolDescriptionPaul's house - VIEW DESIGN
Paul bought that newly built house in Bulgaria in the beginning of the summer and insisted to have a pool for later on the same summer so he can come over for a relaxing holiday ! The pool was done within the next month and the new task was to landscape the garden. The engeneers we work with...more
BeforeRebuilding a rural house in BulgariaAfterRebuilding a rural house in BulgariaDescriptionRebuilding a rural house in Bulgaria - VIEW DESIGN
Our customer wanted to turn his old ruined house into a nice new home. He provided a 3D image that he found on the internet and stated that he wants to have this house. Our engineers and builders made all necessary calculations on steal reinforcement, concrete columns, sizes and room allocation...more
BeforeRenovation and transformation of Rural Property in BulgariaAfterRenovation and transformation of Rural Property in BulgariaDescriptionRenovation of a Rural Property - VIEW DESIGN
We first met Zain and Enguerrand directly on the spot where their new Bulgarian property was. They were smiling and full of enthusiasm and obviously both loving the green jungle around them. The property was nestled in the foot of  a small hill neighboring the famous Belogradchik rocks  and...more
BeforeSandanski Apartment renovationAfterSandanski Apartment renovationDescriptionRose and Robert Donegan - VIEW DESIGN
This apartment is situated in an old building near the center of the town of Sandanski. It was in quite bad condition, the rest you could see from the pictures. Now Rose and her family enjoy nice warm holidays in the spa resort! more
BeforeRenovation of Rural PropertyAfterRenovation of Rural PropertyDescriptionRural House Renovation - VIEW DESIGN
An american customer  bough this old house  in one of the most preferable areas of Bulgaria - Sandanski. He  decided to invest in it and make it a nice holiday home. Initially the house was mud build above the ground level . That is why our builders destroyed everything which was above the...more
BeforeRenovation of School buildingAfterRenovation of School buildingDescriptionShirin Loyd - VIEW DESIGN
When Shirin bought that old school building she was first concerned for the roof as it was in miserable condition! So the work started from there! This had to be planned and discussed with architects and engineers before started. Now we do guarantee that the new roof is stable and structurally...more
BeforeSteven and Hazel ProudAfterSteven and Hazel ProudDescriptionSteven and Hazel's house - VIEW DESIGN
When Steven and his wife bought this property the house was almost falling apart. The location on a higher spot in the village and the wonderful opened panorama to the surrounding nature grabbed their attention and they started planning a big spacious, brand new house on the same location. There...more