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Renovation of a Rural Property

We first met Zain and Enguerrand directly on the spot where their new Bulgarian property was. They were smiling and full of enthusiasm and obviously both loving the green jungle around them.

The property was nestled in the foot of  a small hill neighboring the famous Belogradchik rocks  and was accessible only through a narrow  dirt road.

I looked at the property they have bought – basically it was an old hut with a corridor and two rooms built long ago by a few friends most probably. But looking around and having experience with renovating old Bulgarian houses I was sure it can look lovely just in a few months.

Zain and Enguerrand told me they want a house with 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms and a terrace looking to the endless view in front. There were more surprises – the property did not have water supply but there was a well at the bottom of the garden from where we should solve the problem.

We talked that we will need some planning and we agreed we at Best BG Properties will prepare some renovation planning and will present them drawings  and once approved we can start work and so we did . In two months all plans were approved and work started. Access to the property for big trucks was an issue so we realized we will be using smaller vehicles for delivery of materials.

The work started and the transformation of the property too. Some demolishing work at first, some cleaning and then enlarging. Step by step the shape of the new house was becoming clear. When the shell of the new house was ready Enguerrand came to visit the building work and was happily surprised with the result. Although we regularly send pictures from the renovation works to check it on place is different. He discussed with the building supervisor some details and after a tasty lunch in Belogradchik we agreed to meet again when the house is all finished.

When we were close to the finishing works, Zain  has sent her choices for colors and kitchen and  we made sure it will be all there as they wished . Just before their arrival we have managed to meet their furniture so it can wait for them delivered.

It was pleasure to work with Zain and Enguerrand and we are happy that they loved the place. We wish them endless moments of joy and happiness in their green escape! 



Renovation of a Rural Property


Renovation of a Rural Property Renovation of a Rural Property Renovation of a Rural Property Renovation of a Rural Property
Renovation of a Rural Property Renovation of a Rural Property Renovation of a Rural Property