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The construction of holiday properties has stopped

During the past six months the choice and the offering of holiday properties provided real by investors has decreased significantly comparing the same period during 2011- shows a report of Foros company

The completed vacation buildings are with total area of 42,778 square meters and are located mainly along the southern coast.

In comparison to January-June 2011 decrease of 87.39% is reported for the finished holiday homes. The percentage of buildings that just started their construction has decreased with 70.15%. In the first half of 2012 they are with a total gross floor area of 28,422 sq m. The new buildings are situated on the southern coast.

Leader in offering holiday complexes is the secondary market. There is a resale market mainly from English and Irish who have purchased property at low prices in the early stages of the construction. They expect profit by selling the property after a year when the building is completed and is at a higher price.

Foreigners` interest is directed to sea or mountain holiday resorts. There is a strong demand for real estate by people from Siberia. Buyers are mostly Russians and almost no English and Bulgarians. Most preferred resorts are Sunny Beach, Sveti Vlas and Pomorie.

In the last six months of 2012 there is an increase in bargains for holiday homes on the Black Sea more than 17%. The average price of holiday homes until the end of June 2012 was around € 750 / kv.m. Interest in mountain resorts also elevated mainly because of the decrease in price (average price of around € 710 / m). Among the favorite mountain resorts are Bansko, Razlog, Dobrinishte, Borovets.

Buyers are looking for furnished properties mainly finished complexes for holiday use in the active season. They prefer small apartments with one bedroom or studio, with area of 40 to 50 square meters. Leading in the decision to purchase is the price not the distance of the property from the beach or ski lifts.

The interest of Russians in Bulgarian properties is mainly provoked by the opportunity for obtaining visas easily. There is a strong interest in farmhouses along the northern coast. They are looking for good homes between 15-18 thousand euro. There is no demand for luxury homes. Distance from the sea is one of the main factors in their decision to purchase, but they carefully examine the place that they have chosen. Buyers of this type of properties are people who are close to retirement and who plan to live for several months in Bulgarian home.

Properties located in golf courses are less in demanded in the first six months of 2012 than the sea and in the mountains homes. These luxury properties are in the middle and high price segment.

Potential customers of such properties can be small and medium investors, whose primary goal is making profit, amateur golf players- club members, as well as clients seeking real estate with recreational purpose, so-called. "Second home."