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The duration of the authorization for making planning permission will reduce double

Plans to cut the time limit for issuing a permit in half for obtaining planning permission. This project is written in the third package of measures to reduce the regulatory burden, which was published for public consultation portal.

Currently, the deadline for issuing a permit for the development of master plan is 30 days. With a change in the Law on Planning it will be reduced to 14 days.

It is also proposed visas for design to be announced when are not affected the interests of stakeholders. However, if the investment project affect any interests, the investor will be able to start the project without having to wait 14 days if you submit the signed consent of the persons concerned.

There are also incentives for coordination procedures. Abrogation of the requirement that all graphics and text documents in all parts of the investment project to be signed by all designers. Designers will have signed, together with the client, only on those parts of the project in which they worked.

There are also the opening of the construction site and determining the construction line and level to be accompanied by an effective construction permit by the person exercising construction supervision for the site, or by the technical manager for the construction of a fifth category, for special projects related to defense and security - by the Minister of Defense, the Minister of Interior or the Chairperson of the State Agency "National Security" or persons authorized by them.

There is also a simplification of the procedure for recovery of lost investment project that affects the renovation of residential buildings. When approved investment projects, which is full of construction are lost, they are reimbursed if necessary by the owner of an investment project through surveys of construction and submissions. Project survey is proposed to be certified by the authority competent to approve the investment project for construction after the submission of a building permit or other documents of the construction paper.

They will also ease the procedure for change of use of premises without performing construction work.

The amendments to the Law on Spatial Planning will allow for reconstruction, repair and reconstruction of buildings under tolerance. Planned to drop the fines to regularize constructions in the mode of tolerance - in procedure will only pay fees to the competent authorities.

Provision is also made to standardize all fees collected for coordination and approval of investment projects and the issuance of a building permit. They will be determined by the Minister of the investment project.

Regarding the environment assessment of investment projects, the government offers necessity to assess the environmental impact assessment or Environmental Assessment to be made depending on the category of construction.