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7% of transactions with apartments in Bulgaria above € 100 000

Over 7% of the purchases of properties in Sofia are worth more than 100,000 euro, as goal of 20 percent of the buyers is an investment. This indicates market analysis of one of the big brokerage agencies.

"The center of the capital again caught the interest of buyers and there are concluded many real bargains," said Georgi Pavlov, head of the agency.

"The smaller possibilities for building new homes in Sofia leads to higher competition among buyers. Because of this, there are prices already higher than the offered price. We have registered a case of compromise on the part of the buyer with 6500 euro", he added.

Another clear trend from the beginning of the year is that transactions of rough construction again are fact in the housing market. Over one tenth of the sales during the first quarter of 2014 are made before receiving Act 14.

Fast render in almost all new projects in big cities are a sign of growing confidence in investors.

Often half of the properties in the best quality buildings under construction are sold even in the initial stages of construction.

According to brokers, unfinished estates are still the choice of the two main groups of buyers, who are in no hurry to move into a new apartment. One are the parents buying for their children, as their expectations are the property to be ready to move in, in few years.

The other group are the families who already possess a first home, and their demand is linked to an effort to provide a more comfortable residence and to expand the area in which they live.

Continued is the growth in the number of properties purchased for investment, comment from the company. With this motive in the first quarter of the year, with housing have acquired nearly a quarter of the buyers, while their share in first month of 2014 is 10%.

Another indicator of stabilization of the market is the increase in number of deals for expensive homes.