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Bulgarian regions, cities and towns

Information and properties for sale in cities and towns in Bulgaria

Here you will find all the necessary information to make your best Bulgarian property investment! We have prepared for you detailed information plus pictures of all cities, regions and towns in Bulgaria where we offer excellent properties for sale. There are three important factors to look for in order to make a wise property purchase: location, location and location :). You can now easily choose the best location for your Bulgarian property!

Pazardzhik, Bulgaria, Information about the town of Pazardzhik
The Pazardzhik municipality occupies an area of 636 722 decares, which is 14.3% of the territory of the District of Pazardzhik. The town has a longitude of 2420' E and a latitude of 4211' N along the valley of the Maritsa River, in the fertile Pazardzhik-Plovdiv Field. It occupies the western part of the Upper Thracian Lowland, enclosed between the southern slopes of the Sredna Gora Mountain and the steep northern slopes of the Rhodopes. It borders the Chirpan Elevations to the east. The... more
Pernik, Bulgaria, Information about Pernik
The town of Pernik is located in the South-western part of Bulgaria. The administrative center of the Pernik District is the municipality of Pernik. According to the most recent data the population of the town of Pernik is 80 191 people, this makes it the biggest town in the south-western Bulgaria after the capital Sofia.   The biggest festival in Europe is held in the town of Pernik. The town is a member of the Federation of carnival cities, it is also the headquarters of the... more
Peshtera, Bulgaria, Information about Peshtera area
Municipality Peshtera is located in West Rodopi Mountain. In the gorge of the river "Old River" goes the road that connects the e municipality with the villages on the east - Biaga, Isperihovo, Novo Selo and Plovdiv, the southeast Bratsigovo and to the west by the towns of Batak, Velingrad and Dospat and the famous lakes "Batak", "Beglika", "Shiroka Polyana" and "Dospat". 1 km from the town in the northeastern direction is the road to transport links with settlements –Radilovo and Kapitan... more
Petrich, Bulgaria, information about the town of Petrich
Petrich is located at the immediate northern foothill of the Belasitsa Mountain, along the banks of the Petrich River. The Petrich field along the Stroumeshnitsa Valley is one of the most fertile lands in Bulgaria. Due to the Mediterranean influence coming through the valley of the Strouma River a number of citrus fruits grow here - lemons, kiwi, figs, etc., as well as early fruits and vegetables. Petrich was included in the territory of the Bulgarian State during the reign of Knyaz... more
Pleven, Bulgaria, Information about the town of Pleven
The town of Pleven has a population of 122 149 inhabitants. It is about 150 metres above sea level and is located in the central part of the Danubian Plain, past the Vit River. It is situated at the distance of 174 km to the north-east of Sofia, 35 km to the north of Lovech and 146 km to the south-west of Rousse. It is a town-pantheon. A regional administrative centre. Pleven has a c enturies old and rich in events history. It originated in Thracian times on the place of today?s park of... more
Information about Plovdiv - Bulgaria, the city of Plovdiv
The Bulgarian town of Plovdiv is situated along the two banks of the river Maritza with its slow water, and also on a number of picturesque hills (called 'tepe' by the local people) that are part of the town's charm and beauty. Plovdiv is located in the Southern/Central part of Bulgaria. Being the second largest city in the country, it has a population of 350'000. Plovdiv is divided into two parts - the old town Stariyat grad, which occupies the three eastern hills, and the lower town spread... more
Polski Trambesh, Information about Polski Trambesh area
Polski Trambesh
Polski Trambesh municipality is located in the northeastern part of the Veliko Tarnovo region in Central Northern Bulgaria. To the east it borders with the municipalities of Byala and Strazhitsa, to the south with Gorna Oryahovitsa municipality, to the west with the municipality of Pavlikeni and to the north with the municipality of Svishtov. The territory of Polski Trambesh municipality is 463,660 sq km. It occupies 0.40% of the territory of the country and 9.8% of Veliko Tarnovo region.... more
Pomorie, Bulgarian spa and beach resorts, Information about Pomorie
The town of Pomorie has a population of 14 560 and is situated on a peninsula projecting 5 km into the sea. The peninsula is 18 km north-east of Bourgas, and 408 km east of Sofia. Before entering the town one passes through a long and narrow causeway between the sea and the firth. The firth of Pomorie borders the peninsula and this gives the impression of jutting out into it. There used to be a Thracian settlement here colonized by the Greeks in later times. A colony of the metropolis... more
Popovo, Bulgaria, Information about Popovo area
Popovo municipality is located in northeastern Bulgaria. In accordance with the administrative territorial division of the country, it falls within the district of Targovishte. The total area of the municipality is 833.398 square meters, bordering the municipality of Targovishte, Antonovo, Strazhica, Byala, Dve mogili, Opaka, Tsar Kaloyan, Razgrad Razgrad and Loznitsa. In the administrative territorial boundaries of the municipality are included 35 settlements, of which only 34 villages... more
Pravets, Bulgaria, information about the town of Pravets
Pravets municipality is located 60 kilometers North-East of Sofia. The municipality takes an area of 323 square kilometers.   The total population of the municipality of Pravets is 9211 people, 5000 people live in the town of Pravets, the rest a living in the surrounding villages. The municipality of Pravets consists of 11 settlements - the town of Pravets and the villages Razliv, Praveshka Lakavitsa, Kalugerovo, Svode, Osikovska Lakavitsa, Osikovitsa, Dzhurovo, Ravnishte,... more
Primorsko, Bulgarian beach resort, information about Primorsko
The town of Primorsko has a population of 2459. It is a climate resort and a centre for youth tourism. It is situated 52 km south of Bourgas and 442 km south-east of Sofia. It lies on a cape jutting out between the Stamopolo Bay and the Dyavolski (Devil's) Bay. The old Turkish village bore the name of Chenger, and later on that of Kyupria. Primorsko has a large beach zone and more than 80 rest homes, houses and summer camps for schoolchildren and students and an open-air theatre as well.... more
Provadia, Bulgaria, information about Provadia
The town of Provadia has a population of 15 000 inhabitants and is 30 m above sea-level. The town is situated on the banks of Provadia River in the south end of the gorge of the same name. It is 435 km north-east of Sofia, 55 km south-east of Shoumen, 47 km west of Varna, and 17 km south-west of Devnya. The town is a successor of the Byzantine fortress Provaton (Provat) of 5th century, which in Greek means “sheep”. The Bulgarian medieval fortification town on the same place was called... more
Radnevo, Bulgaria, information about Radnevo
Radnevo municipality is located in the so called Upper Valley. It is surrounded by the neighboring municipalities: Stara Zagora, Nova Zagora and Topolovgrad Municipality. Total area - 545.150 square kilometers, representing 0.496% of the territory and 10.6% of the region. The region has a mild climate, the average annual temperature is 12,1 ° C. Administrative center of the municipality is Radnevo, in its structure includes 21 more villages. Fertile land, water and forests cause people... more