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Information about the beach resort - Kiten

Kiten Properties

The village of Kiten has a population of 528. It is situated at the south end of Primorsko Bay, 56 km south of Bourgas and 446 south-east of Sofia. The village is the successor of the Urdoviza Fortress situated on the cape itself. The Romans called the settlement Oroudiza.

The town existed till the fall under Turkish domination and after that it was abandoned. One can still see ruins of the settlement lying on the cape. The river of Karaagach is very beautiful; it flows into the sea at the southern part of the Urdoviza Bay. The marsh mouth is full of fish. There are five camping sites in the vicinity: Atliman, Les, Koral, Koop and Yug.

There is a legend telling about a young woman called Stana who escaped from the harem of the Sultan. Amazed by her courage the Sultan promised to free the land she could reach on horseback. After a day’s long ride the horse died on one of the beaches that up to this day bears the name of Atliman - the bay of the horse.

Accommodation: In Kiten there are enough private lodgings and camping sites on the beach. The local inhabitants are helpful, and the prices - comparatively low.

Catering: There are several small restaurants and plenty of snack bars. Local fishermen and manufacturers offer fish, vegetables and fruits.

Transport: There are regular bus lines from Bourgas to Kiten, or one can take a taxi from Primorsko.

Surrounding areas: The village of Lozenets is situated 5 km away from Kiten in the direction of the Bulgarian-Turkish boundary. There are two camping sites near the village, Lozenets and Oasis.

Kiten Properties