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Houses for sale in Bulgaria

At Best Bulgarian Properties you can find a wide choice of cheap houses in Bulgaria, where you can live or use it for your vacation. We offer houses in the mountains, houses by the sea, houses in fishing or hunting regions, etc. To our customers we also offer house renovation and property management services.

Best Bulgarian Properties offer many houses for sale in Bulgaria. There are different types of houses:

Rural old houses in Bulgaria

Rural old houses are normally very cheap, the advantage of such properties is that they come with big plots of land. In most of the cases the rural old houses in Bulgaria need some heavy repairs in order to become livable. We provide renovation and building services and will be happy to assist you with your renovation project.

Rural newly built houses in Bulgaria

The rural newly built house properties in Bulgaria present houses built 5 – 15 years ago, normally such houses are solid built with concrete and bricks and are in stable condition. Such houses do not need major repairs, just final touches in order to turn them into cozy and nice home. We have a designer who could make 3d sketches how the interior and exterior of your house would look like so you could make changes before the project is started.

Town or city houses in Bulgaria

The town or city houses, in most cases cost more and have smaller plots of land. Their condition could vary greatly depending on the age of the building. Such properties could be really good investment if you buy them on the right price especially if they are located in cities like Sofia, Burgas, Varna and Plovdiv . Buying houses in any of the big Bulgarian cities is highly recommended. Contact us for some excellent offers for buying Bulgarian houses.

Plot Size
Houses in Montana
House for sale near Montana (ID: 9845)
District: Montana
This is yet another offer for a rural house for sale, located in north-western Bulgaria. The property is set in a large village in between the towns of Lom and Montana. It lies at the distance of around 30 km from both of them. The house is in... more
2,700 m2
Houses in Vratsa
House at the foot of the Stara Planina mountain (ID: 952)
District: Vratsa
Reduced price - attractive suggestion! This one storey brick built house is sheltered at the foot of the West Stara Planina mountain in the immediate proximity of the mountain hills. Situated only about 20 km away from the charming town of... more
900 m2
Houses in Sredets
House for sale near Sredets (ID: 6345)
District: Sredets
This is an old rural house with regulated land for sale near Sredets. The property is situated in a small and quiet village part of Sredets municipality, Bourgas region. The village is set right on the main road connecting Yambol, Sredets and... more
980 m2
Houses in Montana
House for sale near Montana (ID: 9844)
District: Montana
We would like to offer to your attention this cheap, rural property for sale, located in north-eastern Bulgaria, near the towns of Lom and Montana. The property is set in a large village included in the municipality of Yakimovo, Montana... more
1,750 m2
Houses in Stara Zagora
House for sale near Stara Zagora (ID: 4602)
District: Stara Zagora
This is a plot of regulated land with an old house for sale located in a nice picturesque village near the town of Stara Zagora. The house is really old and needs a lot of renovation work. It is made in the old rural Bulgarian style entirely of... more
1,410 m2
Houses in Montana
House for sale in Valchidrum (ID: 9661)
District: Montana
The following offer is for a rural property for sale located in a small town in north-western Bulgaria. The property is set in the central part of Valchidrum and the town itself lies in an ecologically clean and fishing area. The town is only 9... more
1,200 m2
Houses in Montana
House for sale near Lom (ID: 9846)
District: Montana
This is an offer for an old rural property for sale, located in north-western Bulgaria. The property is set in a quiet, small village south-east from the town of Lom and the Danube River. The village is included in the municipality of Valchedram,... more
3,000 m2
Houses in Vratsa
House with vinery for sale near Vratsa (ID: 9979)
District: Vratsa
The following property is located 10 km from the town of Vratsa near a peaceful village surrounded with mountain views.  The property has always been maintained as you can see from the pictures. It consists of a large vineyard, a house and a... more
1,000 m2
Houses in Montana
Cheap house near Montana and the Danube river (ID: 3415)
District: Montana
The property is located in a picturesque village between the town of Montana and the town of Lom which is on the bank of Danube river. The village is 10 km from the main road connecting the two district towns. The house is small but we preserved.... more
900 m2
Houses in Vratsa
Cheap house for sale near Vratsa (ID: 2124)
District: Vratsa
Cheap house in the countryside! Look at this house situated in a village not far from Vratza. The surrounding area offers excellent opportunities for fishing and hunting. There are several rivers and lakes close by. The village is very well... more
2,600 m2
Houses in Borovan
House for sale near Vratsa (ID: 3944)
District: Borovan
We offer for sale a one storey house with spacious 2500 sq m garden. The house has a basement with two premises and upper /main/ floor with two more rooms, closet and corridor. The total living area is about 160 sq m – 80 sq m on each floor.... more
2,500 m2
Houses in Burgas
Small house for sale near Sredets (ID: 388)
District: Burgas
This one-storey house is situated in the area of Burgas three kilometers away from the main road Burgas – Yambol. The house is an old one with stone slates. It has two rooms and 45 sq.m living area. Running water and electricity are available.... more
800 m2
Houses in Burgas
Cheap old property not far from sea (ID: 1729)
District: Burgas
This is an old rural house in the countryside. It is situated in a quiet village 10 km away from town of Sredetz! The International Airport and Burgas city are 40 minutes away by car. The sandy beaches of Black Sea coast also are located not far.... more
1,500 m2
Houses in Gabrovo
Regulated plot of land for sale with bungalow near Gabrovo (ID: 7149)
District: Gabrovo
Our next offer is for this well-sized plot of land for sale with an old Bungalow built on it, located in the Mountains. The property is situated at the end of a picturesque village in north-central Bulgaria, included in the municipality of... more
500 m2
Houses in Montana
House for sale near Montana (ID: 7198)
District: Montana
We are offering you this nice rural house for sale located in a busy village in north-west Bulgaria. The village is situated 40 km north of the district center town of Montana. A large artificial lake is situated just near by and is suitable for... more
2,000 m2
Houses in Shumen
House for sale near Shoumen (ID: 5605)
District: Shumen
This is a beautiful rural house for sale, located in a small and quiet village near the town of Shoumen and is part of Shoumen municipality. It is set 110 km away from the town of Varna and 100 km from the International airport (80 from which are... more
950 m2
Houses in Vratsa
House for sale near Oryahovo (ID: 9849)
District: Vratsa
We would like to offer to you another house for sale, located in north-western Bulgaria, near the town of Oryahovo and the River of Danube. The property is set in a picturesque villa zone, only 3 km from the town of Oryahovo, 20 meters from a... more
1,300 m2
Houses in Lovech
House for sale near Lovech (ID: 5001)
District: Lovech
Our next offer is for a house for sale, located near the town of Lovech. The property is situated in a nice village between the towns of Pleven and Lovech. The distance to the town of Lovech is 22 km. The town of Pleven is 26 km away. The village... more
800 m2
Houses in Burgas
Old house for sale near Sredets (ID: 466)
District: Burgas
It you are interested in buying a cheap property this is the right offer for you. This is a house situated in a village of the Burgas area. The building has one floor and a cellar. Although it has not been recently inhabited it is in very good... more
850 m2
Houses in Burgas
Rural house for sale near Burgas (ID: 916)
District: Burgas
Charming rural house is situated at the beginning of a small village some 40 km from the city of Burgas and the sea. Five rooms are disposed on two floors and 70 sq.m living area. The building is well preserved and built in typical Bulgarian... more
2,000 m2
Houses in Veliko Tarnovo
House for sale near Veliko Tarnovo (ID: 4540)
District: Veliko Tarnovo
Our next suggestion is this wonderful rural property situated in a calm and nice village at a distance only of 55 km from the old capital of Bulgaria - Veliko Tarnovo. The distance from the village to the town of Rousse is 75 km, Svishtov is 35... more
2,700 m2

Bulgarian Property News

Ikea To Redirect Investments From Poland To Bulgaria Or Romania 02/05/2008
Swedish IKEA furniture retailer has threatened to freeze the investments in Poland and redirect them to Bulgaria or Romania, Polish Puls Biznesu business daily reported, quoted by Sofia Echo. The company became angry by legislative limitations regarding the operation of large commercial sites.... more
Israelis To Buy Land In Bulgaria For 37 Million Euro 12/03/2008
Israeli construction and investment company BSR Europe has reached an agreement for the purchase of close to 80 000 sq m of land in Bulgaria for 37 million euro, the company announced. BSR Europe has partnered for the deal with a European investment fund for real estate. The company refused... more
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