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Discounted properties for sale in Bulgaria

In this section of our website you will find properties for sale in Bulgaria with prices bellow their market value. Most of the Bulgarian properties listed here are with reduced prices and are excellent investment opportunities. If you are looking to buy a property in Bulgaria, have a look at this section of our website. Here you can find heavily discounted properties for sale. Some prices are reduced with nearly 70%.


Large house for sale near Etropole




THE BUILDING: Masonry: brick. - Building insulation: thermal and hydro-insulation of the whole building by modern materials including such of the ceiling, facade, and basement premises. - Facade covering: mineral plaster. - For the basements: whitewashed walls and ceilings and metal dust-painted doors of the cellar premises. - Water supply and sewerage system: by environmentally friendly PVC-piping and mounted water-meters. - Built-up outside electric system and kiosk switch-gear. - Window-frames: environmentally friendly, nonflammable, noise-preventing, thermally insulating aluminium material with double glazing. - Staircase and under-window area: terracotta. - Staircase handrails: luxury, metal - inox. - Balconies: luxury metal-and-glass handrails and granite-tiled floors. - Inside electrical system with installed apartment board. - Weak-current electrical system: TV, wireless internet, security, and telephone. - Luxurious hydraillc lift units. - Air-conditioned lobby - Restaurant, Bar and shops - GYM - Sauna SITUATION SOLUTION: Rainbow Holiday Village is situated on a terrain located in the western part of the Slanchev Briag (Sunny Beach) Resort. The availability of main roads ensures easy servicing of the complex, and the proximity to the beach will allow it to become inseparable part of the Slanchev Briag Resort and use all the facilities the resort possesses. The complex offers distribution of the house groups along the periphery of the plot aiming at provision of quiet recreational area including a swimming pool, children’s playgrounds, rest spots, which would enrich the resort in the field of social contacts. The main access to the Rainbow Village was searched from the local roadway developed by level elevations raising the level of the existing terrain. The town-plan solution allows, if wished, a fence to be placed around the complex so that entering of outside people and car access to be put under control, while the entering into and usage of the recreational area to be limited for resting people from the other residential areas. The regulation distances to the side regulation lines have been observed. The elevations of all these are given in detail in the situational plan, and a layout drawing containing a coordinate list is enclosed in the geodetic section. MAINTENANCE - Complete site management, - Organization of the order within the territory of the Rainbow Holiday Village by local rules, - Ensuring site security by the organization of the necessary security control, - Maintenance of the yard (inner) communications (electric and water supply and sewerage) and repair of their possible damages, - Maintenance of the outside water facilities (swimming pools, etc.), - Keeping clean the territory of the holiday village: entrance staircases, swimming pools, grass areas, walks, recreational areas, children's playgrounds, as well as the car parking places, - Maintenance of the village green areas and the trees, - Elimination of emergencies having occurred in the apartments and immediate notification of the clients.   PAYMENT SCHEMES Scheme 1 2000 euro boking 100% - Notary deed (no later than 60 days after the deposit) Scheme 2 2000 euro booking 50% 30 days after signing preliminary contract 50% 60 days after signing preliminary contract   PROPERTY MANAGMENT Optional Free property management Furniture by the rental agency Free advertising Using the property during certain of time in the season

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