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Discounted properties for sale in Bulgaria

In this section of our website you will find properties for sale in Bulgaria with prices bellow their market value. Most of the Bulgarian properties listed here are with reduced prices and are excellent investment opportunities. If you are looking to buy a property in Bulgaria, have a look at this section of our website. Here you can find heavily discounted properties for sale. Some prices are reduced with nearly 70%.



We are offering you a luxury apartment for sale located in the town of Bourgas. The apartments were two, but they have been made and reconstructed into a single flat with a floor area of 175 - 155 sq m as per Title Deed. It is located on the fifth floor. There is an elevator. It was built in 2009 and has Act 16 for on-site commissioning. All changes made have the necessary documents and certifications. The apartment is located in the Lazur residential area of Bourgas against Park Hotel. The Lazur residential area, where the apartment is located, is very quiet. There is a kindergarten, school and three high schools. Horse riding and tennis courts are just 200 meters away. The property avails of two parking spaces in the courtyard. The apartment includes: 3 bedrooms, view to the south; one bedroom is the master and the other two can be used as separate rooms for children or guests. Each bedroom has a private balcony. Spacious corridor - there is enough space to make a 4-section built-in wardrobe, and space for shoes. Two toilets and bathrooms - one completed - 4 square meters and another in a stage of construction - 6.5 square meters, master bathroom, where there is place for a large spacious bath, bidet, toilet and basin, it will be completed when the apartment is purchased. Laundry premises, four square meters large. Living room with kitchen, in which new cabinets and appliances will be installed for the new owner, and a dining area, facing east. It has large glass windows of 34 square meters, which provide space and light to the room. There is a double terrace, approximately 10 square meters, with magnificent sea views. In the living-room there is a fireplace built of volcanic stone and circular, wrought-iron staircase leading to attic-room space of 14 sq m looking to the east, which can be a study or library, and a terrace 2 sq m. The doors are handmade, of oak. The whole apartment has laminate flooring, which will be replaced when the apartment is purchased by a new owner. The apartment was lived in. There is steam system, built under the floor, which is not visible, and the floor is insulated. PVC windows - Thyssen - special soundproof glass. There are mosquito nets and automatic external blinds. There is cable TV, telephone and internet. When purchased by a new owner, the apartment will be transferred completed - repainted, with replaced flooring, complete kitchen and large bathroom.    

Apartment for sale in Bourgas




Our next offer is for a massive two-story house for sale located close to the town of Pazardzhik. The property is situated in one of the largest villages in Bulgaira in close vicinity to the main high way leading to Sofia, 23 km from Pazardzhik. The village belongs to the municipality of Lesichovo, Pazardzhik district. It is in proximity to pine forests and close to the Saint Nikola Monastery, 80 km from Sofia.The house is massive with total living area of 130 sq m. It is lined with marble from the outside and inside, with wood. The distribution of the premises is as fallows: first floor - 1 room, kitchen, bathroom with WC, and a corridor. The second floor has 3 bedrooms, large hallway and glazed balcony. The yard is 760 sq m in size. It is planted with many orchards and other greenery. There is also a well, garage, shed, summer kitchen. The property has a new septic tank (3/3/2.5), built only from stone. There are newly replaced water and electricity installations. The bathroom and toilet are under construction. The village is located in Southern Bulgaria. It is located in municipality of Lesichovo, Pazardzik district. It is situated 23 km northwestern direction of the town of Pazardzik, 6 km southeastern direction of the administrative center Lesichovo and 16 km northern direction of the town of Septemvri. The population is about 1300 inhabitants. The terrain is hilly plain with altitude of 255 m. The climate is transcontinental with mild and snowy winter with temperatures of 1ºС, sunny and cool summer with average temperatures of 22ºС. Well-developed village with excellent infrastructure - electricity, water systems, telephones, post office, wireless internet and cable TV. The roads are maintained. Highway "Trakia" is close and there are two sideways for the village and direct connection to the town of Pazardzhik, Plovdiv and Sofia city. Regular bus transport from and to the village.  There is a school, kindergarten, community center, church and a medical cabinet. The main occupation of the inhabitants is agriculture and livestock. In the area of the village there are several companies and enterprises.  

House for sale near Pazardzhik