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Sunny Beach – 90% Full

The tourist complex "Sunny beach" is already full of tourists. According to information from the tour operators the capacity of the resort is used on 90%.However, it should be clear that this statistic concerns the hotels, which have opened and work already and not the total bed basis. Currently around 65% of the hotels in "Sunny beach" are actually functioning.By the beginning of June part of the still not opened complexes will start working.It is certain, however, that there will be also hotels which will remained closed for the whole season. This refers mostly to the small hotels, which don't have capacity and because of the crisis cannot secure additional tourists.The tourist agencies give different information about what the season will be like. It is clear that there are 120 charter flights less claimed for Burgas airport compared to last year. The agencies commented that the market was very dynamic and changed literally every week.All in all, however, the prices in "Sunny beach" this year will be lower but the tourists will also be less. The expected total collapse will not happen and there will be a tourist season.