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Sozopolis Real Estate Ranges From 800 000 To 1.4m Euro

Property in the elite Sozopolis complex, comprising about 20 single family homes and 166 other units, sells for about 3000 euro a sq m, Dnevnik daily reported on September 28 2009, citing several brokers' reports.Depending on the house size, the price of family homes varies from 800 000 euro to 1.4 million euro. According to brokers, potential buyers are predominantly foreigners, mainly from Russia, Lithuania, Denmark and Norway.Other luxury homes in the complex - planned unit developments - are also on offer, albeit slightly cheaper, ranging from 2200 to 2400 euro a sq m, whereas luxury apartments are priced between 1600 and 1700 euro. The first phase of the Sozopolis complex construction was completed at the end of the summer and Immofinanz, the main investor in the scheme, has said that by September 2010 the village will be complete and ready for residents to move in.The Sozopoliz village is two km south of the seaside town of Sozopol, perched on top of the Kolokita peninsula, spanning a total area of nine ha with 186 properties under construction. The main architect of Sozopolis is Hristo Lazarov from A3 Design Bureau. Aside from the luxury homes, the village will be furnished with shops, restaurants and a luxury hotel with SPA centre as well as offices and entertainment facilities.