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Serious Investors 'target Emerging Markets'

The majority of Britons purchasing properties abroad are looking for somewhere they can use as a holiday home, yet increasing numbers of serious investors are turning to emerging markets to get the best return on their money.

Most British investors choose somewhere relatively close to home which can be reached via cheap flights, according to BuyAssociation.

This can be seen in figures published by Rightmove Overseas, which show that more of their customers search for property in Spain than any other country.

Other locations that made it into the top five were also nations with established markets for overseas investors - France, Italy, USA and Portugal.

Paul Collins, property editor at BuyAssociation, commented: "The emerging markets are popular with investors but they are not so popular with holiday home owners."

A recent NatWest report noted that as EU member states become more integrated, both politically and economically, there will be new opportunities for Britons to work and relocate abroad.