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Realtors Take Action Against The Economic Crisis

The second anti-crisis conference BalREAct - Action in Crisis will be held between April 24-26 at the Inter Expo Centre, which will be a part of the Balkan Property Week convention. Bulgaria's competitiveness and business environment will be analysed, as well as the country's administration, the investment climate and the potential for local authorities to stimulate transactions.Special attention will be paid to the construction and real property sector, as well as to reports submitted by financial experts and economists. Issues on the agenda include the urgent problems of the Bulgarian real estate sector and the economic situation."The report concerning building permits procedures in Bulgaria involved a lot of work with businesses and surveys submitted and analysis of practices in big cities such as Sofia, Varna, Bourgas and Plovdiv. The main questions addressed to business representatives concerned obstacles to issuing building permits and the proposed solutions - if any," said Metodi Metodiev, researcher at the institute of Market Economy, as quoted by Stroitelstvo Gradut."On those grounds we made an evaluation of the effects of our proposals for the business. For example, the financial balance between expenses and profit generated; we reached the mutual conclusion that if the legislative process is made more efficient, and the badly needed improvements are made in the administrative part of the business, the profit generated in the end will be significantly higher," Metodiev said.Within the framework of this year's conference there will be an "open doors day" on which lectures will take place designed to educate end clients. Access is free to the public. Attendees will be encouraged to participate and ask specialists questions to help them choose a new home.Finally, the conference will discuss different concepts behind the ambitious project of creating a secondary centre in Sofia. For the first time the six areas of the city which could be developed into business and administrative centres will be unveiled. The winning design will be presented at the end of April - the plans have been formulated by renowned architects such as Norman Foster, Dominique Perrault, Zaha Hadid, as well as some Bulgarian colleagues.