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Press Release: The Bulgaria Property Action Group

The Bulgaria Property Action Group marks a step forward in the property industry in Bulgaria as it seeks to bring together under one roof all people who have problems with Off Plan property and to help them solve these problems.The BPAG is a support group for people who have property problems in Bulgaria. The group will provide help support and information for those who need it. It is also an action group of people who want to see changes that will help them seek justice and recompense for their losses.Many see that there are huge problems with the way that Real Estate transactions are conducted in Bulgaria. They want to see legal and structural changes that will give protection and a legal framework in the Bulgarian property market and enable them to seek redress for their losses and to prevent such problems happening again.The main problems that need to be addressed are: * Lack of sustainable infrastructure for developments * Inadequate legal system * Lack of planning and regulation in the Property markets. * Lack of regulation in the Real Estate Industry * Bulgaria's poor reputation as a tourist destinationThese are the main causes that have lead to the blood bath of problems that are occurring in Bulgaria (and other countries) right now. We see the need for these issues to be addressed so that people can find solutions to their problems, seek redress for their losses, and ensure their investments will be sustainable in the future.We welcome dialogue with individuals and other groups and would be happy to discuss with them what we can do to support and help. Likewise we welcome suggestions of structural and legal changes that you would like to see in Bulgaria and the UK that would help individuals seek justice and resolve their problems. We are working to bring about change, to do this we are quantifying the property problems in Bulgaria we are doing this by asking people to register their problems so that we can quantify of how big the problems are and how many people are involved. Individuals can support us by registering their problems to our database.