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Gabrovo - the leader in commercial space in the country

With 279 square meters per 1000 inhabitants of Gabrovo is the most intense commercial areas Bulgarian town. It should Varna with 278 square meters per 1000 inhabitants. Across the country the figure is 63.89 square meters It is clear from the analysis of the consultancy company Forton International, lit up today.

According to the company during the period are put into operation 163 thousand square meters of retail space, mainly due to the discovery of major projects in the three biggest Bulgarian town - The Mall in Sofia, Galeria Plovdiv in Plovdiv and Varna Grand Mall. So at the end of June total modern retail space in the country amounted to 485 thousand sq. m. As a result, Bulgaria has risen in the European ranking of areas in shopping centers per 1000 population, ahead of Ukraine and Greece on this indicator. Meanwhile, rents of prime space in the main shopping streets in Sofia reached significantly lower levels. The drop in rents in the second quarter on an annual basis is over 30% for Sofia and between 43% and 50% for other major cities, reported by the company.

Low rents intensify a long-awaited trend - consolidation of the premises and formation of fewer but larger stores that will satisfy the requirements and demands of large global brands, say consultants. It is expected that the emergence of these representative stores to change themselves and the appearance of streets, making them more attractive and bring them closer to those in other European capitals.