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Expatriates Get Lifestyle And Financial Benefits

Britons who move abroad full-time could reap lifestyle and monetary rewards, experts have stated.

According to Foreign Currency Direct, buying a property abroad is an "excellent investment" that can also enable people to enjoy a better quality of life.

Speaking to the Daily Express, chief executive Peter Ellis said that moving abroad would be a "great opportunity" for those who want to improve their lifestyle.

However, he recommended that people consider practical issues before packing their bags and buying a home.

Mr Ellis commented: "We would urge Britons looking to relocate to research the local amenities and resources of their chosen destination thoroughly."

This comes after research by Alliance & Leicester identified the main reasons for Britons opting to move abroad.

The weather was found to be a key motivation for 40 per cent of expats, while one in five people said they left because they were worried about rising crime in the UK.