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Bulgarian-israeli Tie-in To Build Congress Hall In Veliko Turnovo

Bulgarian company CBA Property Investment, the real estate division of discount retailer CBA Bulgaria, has teamed up with an unnamed Israeli investor to raise a five-star congress centre and a shopping mall in Veliko Turnovo.The news was announced during Israeli ambassador Noah Gal Gendler's visit to the town in central Bulgaria. Veliko Tarnovo offers investment opportunities in construction, transport, tourism and trade, Gendler said.Israeli investors are also expected to be involved in the construction of a shopping mall in the town.Veliko Turnovo is close to the Gorna Oryahovitsa airport and could be used for charter flights between Bulgaria and Israel, but for that to happen, the road infrastructure in the area needs to be upgraded, Gendler and Israel's honorary consul in Bulgaria, Krassimir Metodiev, said.