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Bulgaria's Investment Potential Highlighted

Overseas property buyers could collect strong returns on their investment in Bulgaria, a media outlet has suggested.Homes Overseas magazine said that even though interest in the country among Britons is falling, it remains one of the strongest-performing markets in Europe.This is because Bulgaria has also attracted the attention of purchasers in other parts of the world, such as Scandinavia and Russia investors.As a result, high demand for property is continuing to fuel house price growth across the country.If prices continue to go up, people who have invested in the market could find themselves able to sell their residence on at a profit further down the line.Homes Overseas commented: "Average property prices continue to record double-digit growth, especially in the capital of Sofia."Bulgaria, which joined the European Union in early 2007, was recently found to have seen the largest rate of house price inflation in the world.The Global Property Guide revealed that last year, property values increased at a higher rate than in any other country.