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Britons Can Afford To Buy Property In Bulgaria And Turkey

House prices may be dropping across Europe, but the strength of the euro has put British buyers off destinations such as Spain and France. However, there are countries where you can still find good-value property, The Independent comments."You get more for your money in Turkey, when compared to Spain or popular Greek resorts," says Janet Schofield of the Turkish specialists Nicholas Homes. "Prices haven't gone up lately, and there are definitely good deals, such as two-bedroom apartments from around GBP 40,000 and villas with pools for around GBP 140,000."Bulgaria has fallen out of favour recently, but the low cost of living means that tourism is expected to pick up. Despite sterling having lost value against the Bulgarian lev, prices are still reasonable, with apartments selling for as little as GBP 30,000 in ski resorts such as Borovets and Bansko, and on the Black Sea coast."A one-bedroom new-build in the French Alps will start at GBP 180,000, while one-bedrooms in our Bulgarian projects start at GBP 35,500, with duplexes from GBP 75,500," says Veneta Cornford of Zoldi. "Coastal properties start at around the same price. "