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Biggest Solar Energy Plant In Se Europe Opens In Bulgaria

A photovoltaic park with installed power of 1 Mwp was built by the Bulgarian enterprise "InterSol" in the regions of Paunovo village, Ihtiman municipality, informed the company investor.The solar facility is the biggest of its kind not only in Bulgaria but in Southeast Europe. The energy plant is situated at an area of 45 decares on which over 13 thousand slim thin layer amorphous - silicon solar modules, produced by Japanese company.The thin layer modules secure maximum productivity during the summer season and can absorb the diffused light in the winter - explains the manager of "SunSevice", the company which conducted the construction and assembly works.The Bulgarian "SunService" used the services of the German IBC Solar AG as a consultant. For the whole project, which was completed within a year, less than 4 million euro have been invested. Two thirds of the money have been secured through a bank loan. The main part of the bank crediting is a loan from a credit line for energy efficiency of the European bank for reconstruction and development.The new electric plant saves 900 tones carbon emissions, which would have been emitted in the atmosphere provided raw fuel materials were used. The electricity productivity of the new solar plant near Ihtiman will equal at least 1 250 Mwh/MWp.Ventseslav Petrov, chairman of the board of directors in "InterSol" and executive director of "Advance Equity Holding" explains that the leading motif in the investment is the construction of a modern and effective installation which to reimburse the invested in it resources in a fast way.