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Aladin Develops 9m Leva Mixed Use Building In Sofias Lyulin

Aladin Ltd. will invest nine million leva in the development of a multifunctional building in Sofia’s Lyulin neighbourhood, near Slivnitsa underground station, the company said in a statement on April 2.

Construction on the building, which will house a Medstom medico-dental centre, a supermarket and retail units, is already underway. The contractor is Aladin Building, with design prepared by architect Krassimira Popova and Sdruzheni Arhitekti.

The gross actual area of the complex, including underground and surface space, is 5 100 sq m. The compound will have a three-storey oval-shaped medical centre and a six-storey rectangular office and retail spaces part. The latter will have shops and a pharmacy store on the first floor, with offices on the other floors.

Aladin Ltd, owned by businessman Aladin Harfan, has been active in the development of real estate projects in recent years. It was awarded a first-class investment certificate for its Mall Pleven project.

In February, the company won the privatisation tender for the Pleven-based company Agroplasment i Turgovia, dealing in mineral fertilisers, seeds and chemical preparations, along with its own 17-storey building, for the amount of 6.4 million leva.

Syrian-born Harfan is the owner of Medstom health centres, Technolux hi-tech retailer chain, the first Bulgarian brand for electronics ELIT and the fast food chain Aladdin.