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Varna with the highest property prices

The average market value of the properties in Bulgaria during the first trimester of the year is 1190 levs per square meter. This is indicated by the latest data from the National Statistic Institute.

The highest price is indicated in Varna and it is 1982 levs per square meter followed by Sofia with 1980 levs per square meter and Bourgas on third place with 1678 levs per square meter. During the first trimester of the year the cheapest properties for sale were in Kyistendil - for 599 levs per square meter, indicate the data of the official statistics.

The difference from the real estate agencies which calculate the prices in euro, the data of the national statistics is in Bulgarian levs and concern only the sold properties within the district cities of Bulgaria. The only exception is the Sofia region where the smaller towns are included as well.

The property prices in Bulgaria decreased with 12.4% for the first trimester of this year compared with the last one during 2008. The interesting fact is that on annual basis the price decrease is less than 8.4%.

The statistic is showing lower prices of the concluded property deals compared with last year in all district cities of Bulgaria.

The biggest decrease in the property prices is indicated in Veliko Tarnovo - 25.1% followed by Kyustendil with 21.5%, Blagoevgrad with 20.5%, Rousse with 18.8% and Vidin with 17.8%