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Varna Municipality offers land for investment in educational

Land area 8.5 acres in the resort of St. Constantine and Elena is one of the proposals

Two public tender is to declare the municipality of Varna. Their aim is to find investors to build a primary school, sports hall and multi-functional building two of Varna's elite high schools. At its last meeting the municipal council approved the parameters of the two competitions.

Varna Municipality will seek investors for the construction of multipurpose sports hall I Language School. Against this proposed site area 3331 sqm, private municipal property.

Second investor will be sought for the construction ofnew building of primary school "Vasil Levski" in Asparuhovo and multi-functional building in the courtyard of Mathematics "Petar Beron". An investment totaling five million leva Varna Municipality offers four plots of land located in different parts of the city.