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The rural tourism in Bulgaria remains attractive for the British

The Bulgarian rural tourism gain more and more popularity in the United Kingdom. The cozy houses with stone built fences and barns in the Bulgarian countryside are among the most exotic and preferred for holiday during this year for many British tourists.

The prestigious English newspaper Times included a mountain villa in Gabrovo region in its chart "Unusual places for holiday in Europe". The villages with view towards the Botev peak is listed on 11th place out of 31 summer offers for accommodation in Europe.

The author of the material gives advantage to the Bulgarian traditional house before the watch tower in Tuscany, turned into a hotel, and even before the wind mill in Spain turned into guest house - Gestapo base from the second world war.

Way after the Bulgarian traditional house in the chart are listed the Catalan monastery, the vine plantation farm in Slovenia and the Moroccan beach tent.

The Bulgarian countryside was not among the most preferred tourist destinations for the foreign tourists for vacation till now, but very soon this will change.

The city of Gabrovo located at about 100 kilometers from the Bulgaria's capital, has an unique rural houses built literally on the rocks describes with admiration the author.

On first site it looks quite regular, but the moment you pay attention to the details or go into it you can understand who unique it is. Ancient rocks improve the view, together with the magnificent peak Botev.

The author mentions that the house could accommodate 10 guests, the rent for a whole week during the most attractive tourist season is just 852 pounds.