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The properties in closed complexes in Bulgaria are becoming more and more demanded

Houses in closed complexes in Bulgaria are becoming more and more demanded by buyers, especially from families with children who are looking for greater security and environment, according to the analyzes of consulting companies.

First of all, almost half of buyers place the safe environment as the most important factor in choosing a home. They prefer their property to be located in a closed complex with controlled access and video surveillance.

Other factors for buyers to choose from are the surrounding environment and the social environment.
Nearly 30% of customers rely on the good quality of the construction and the preserved environment. Preferred are city dwellings that provide contact with nature through an inner courtyard or are located close to nature landmarks.

Separately, property management and maintenance services satisfy residents' needs and save additional property care, which adds value to housing and increases their liquidity on the market, experts say. According to them, the organization of condominiums is becoming an increasingly important factor in the process of buying a home. Customers want to get to know their future neighbors and check how the building is managed.

Realtors expect the interest in the closed complexes to stay and, together with the higher requirements on the part of the buyers, this will lead to an increase in the quality of the offered properties. The closed complexes are no longer just a trend, but they are differentiated as a separate segment of the real estate market.