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The price of the agricultural land in Bulgaria will continue to increase

The expectations are that during the next year will be purchased more than 100 000 hectares agricultural land in Bulgaria. This will cause an increase in its price during 2012 with almost 10% in regions to which there is strong interest.


The region of Haskovo will become the new Klondike is the opinion of Borislav Petkov, chairman of the managing council of the Bulgarian association of the owners of agricultural lands. A lot of the enterpreneurs will turn their attention to that area and the price of the land in the area will incerease with 15 - 20 %. The picture is not so optimistic for other areas such as Rousse and Svishtov. There the prices for the smaller plots will most probably indicate a decrease.


During the new year I expect new buyers to appear, which will be mainly investors from other sectors. They will act cautiously but their goals will be bigger. An increase of foreign investors could be expected only after the Bulgarian position regarding the general agricultural policy of the EU for the period after 2013 will be available.