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The newest hit on the real estate market

The hybrid properties are homes and office areas which can easily be converted from residential to offices. These types of properties will become the latest hit on the real estate market especially in times of financial crisis.


Having these types of properties, if there is scarce of office premises, the buildings will easily be changed into business center. In case there is more demand for rents of residential homes, the previous offices will easily be transformed into apartments.


The change from residential to commercial property will cost a lot of efforts and money for the owner, but such investment is worthy, especially in times of crisis - this is the opinion of specialists.


The first complex of buildings of hybrid type is located in the Vilhelmsburg quarter in the German town Hamburg. The first tenants and owners are expected in October.


A lot of young families, students, tourists and foreigners are renting the apartments in the hybrid buildings. The interesting for the quarter is that more than 22% of its residents are under 18 years age. About 34% of Vilhelmsburg quarter are foreigners. The majority of the tenants are attracted by the low rental rates and the good environment conditions - clean air, green areas, pure water, as well as the good transport links with the center of Hamburg.