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The agricultural land is appreciated with 8.6%

In 2013, the average price of one acre of farmland reached 594 leva, which is 8.6% higher by year 2012, announced the National Statistics Institute.

The greatest increase in the price is of the vineyards, with 21.8 percent to 319 leva per acre. Appreciation of the fields is 11.7% to 621 leva, and the plantations, with 5.1% to 433 leva. Only in the grassland is found price reduction – with 8.8% to 198 leva.

In 2013, despite a drop in comparison with the previous year, the most expensive continue to be the farmland in the Northeast area - 827 leva per acre (in 2012-860 leva, in 2012-555leva, in 2011-365 leva).

The greatest increase in the price of an acre of farmland compared to the previous year is found in the Southeast region, with 38.7 percent to 480 leva. In the South-Central and Western region is observed reduction-1.9% respectively to 357 leva and with 35% to 301 leva.
In 2013, the average price of rent of one acre of farmland leased to others is reaching 38 leva, which is 11.8% higher relative to 2012, the greatest increase in rent for the vineyards - 61.9% to 34 leva per acre.

So in 2013 she overtakes the price of plantations (30 BGN per acre) and is close to the price of the fields (39 leva per acre).