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The agricultural land has appreciated by 8.6%

In 2013, the average price of one acre of farmland reached 594 BGN, which is 8.6% higher then 2012, announced the National Statistics Institute.

The greatest increase is in the price of the vineyards, with 13.5% to 319 BGN per acre, the appreciation of the fields is 11.7% to 621 BGN, and the plantations, with 5.1% to 433 BGN. Only the grassland found price reduction - with 8.8% to 198 BGN.

In 2013, despite a drop, in comparison with the previous year, the most expensive continue to be the farmland in the Northeast area - 827 BGN per acre (in 2012-860 BGN, in 2012 - 555 BGN, in 2011 - 365 BGN).

The greatest increase in the price of an acre of farmland compared to the previous year is found in the Southeast region, with 38.7 percent to 480 BGN.