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The Bulgarian properties among the cheapest in Europe

The residential properties in Bulgaria are among the cheapest in Europe. This is a report by the ERA - one of the largest real estate agencies on the Old continent.

The average price in Bulgaria is 740 euro per square meter. At the other pole is Switzerland, where the average price of properties has reached 9900 euro per square, followed by France with 8240 euro. The data is for housing in the centers of the capitals.

Lower than Bulgarian prices are these in Turkey - 500 euro per square meter. The average prices in the Bulgarian cities are far lower than those in the capital and could reach 200 - 300 euro for small municipal centers with less than 100 000 inhabitants.

Varna and Bourgas are in one price category with the capital Sofia.

In the last quarter of 2013 are entered into service 576 residential buildings, which is a decrease of 15.2 percent on an annual basis. In addition, most of these buildings – 67% are houses.