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Sport Opportunities Increase The Appeal Of Bulgarian Property

Bulgaria offers sport opportunities available in already well-known international sport centres. As a result more property seekers, interested in golf and ski resorts turn to the country, 999 Network reports.

Resorts in the country already offer quality golf courses and sport facilities. At the same time Black Sea developments give holiday real estate seekers the opportunity to enjoy coastal resorts.

Ski and golf lovers have the chance to practice both sports in the same Bulgarian resort, according to the publication. The Pirin Golf Country Club is located near Bansko ski resort and its winter sport facilities, the online publication reports.

Interest in Bansko is on the rise, with Bulgaria's application for Winter Olympics host in 2014. Bansko and Borovets in Bulgaria are becoming increasingly popular among skiers, thus also attracting property investment to the two regions.

These developments also seem to attract well-known athletes to Bulgarian property. One of Europe's all times best golfers Nick Faldo purchased two apartments in Sofia. Faldo said Bulgaria has significant growth potential, which attracted him to the country.

According to Faldo has won six golf majors and has represented the European team 11 times. Faldo started his professional career in 1976 and one year later became the youngest participant in the Ryder Cup. Throughout his career Faldo won 30 European titles.