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Sozopol’s new golf facilities and gambling venues to attract wealthy tourists

In 2009 the local government of the Black Sea resort Sozopol will make efforts to attract wealthy tourists. The resort will take part in the international tourist exchange in Finland from January 15 to 18. This travel forum is expected to draw over 85 000 visitors, of whom 16 000 are connected to travel companies and organizations. Sozopol will take part in another forum in Israel in February. Luxury complexes, cultural and historical heritage, casinos and other entertainment venues will mostly be featured. After gambling was outlawed in Israel, Turkey, Cyprus, Syria and Lebanon many Israeli tourists started to travel to Sunny Beach and Golden Sands. There are 4-5 casinos in Sozopol with plans to build more in the future. Sozopol will also be promoted in Russia, Romania and Kazakhstan. According to deputy mayor of Sozopol Simeon Simeonov "Kazakh tourists are among the richest in the world." There are also plans to build three golf courses in the area of the resort. The municipality is looking for investors. For convenience, there will be an airport with a 1800-m runway for small planes in the vicinity.