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Sofia and the south black sea coast - the most active real estate markets in Bulgaria

Over the first half of 2011, the most active real estate markets in Bulgaria are in Sofia and on the southern Bulgarian black sea coast. The property market in the capital is moved entirely by Bulgarian property buyers, and the market on the sea coast - almost entirely by Russian property buyers. The property deals in these two regions form 40% of the overall volume of sales in the country, announced in its analyzes one of the leading real estate agencies in Bulgaria.


The number of property deals in the capital over the first trimester remained the same during the second trimester of 2011, this makes 2011 more successful for the real estate market in Sofia than 2010. Over the past two months we are noticing a trend for buying cheaper apartments in the capital - between 30 and 45 000 euro.


According to the agency during 2011 there is significant increase in the number of property deals in Sofia compared to 2010, considering the overall increase of property sales across the country with 10% for the first half of the year compared with the same period in 2010.


The average price of the concluded deals in Sofia for the second trimester of 2011 is 850 euro per sq.m. opposed to 830 euro during the first trimester of 2011, which is an increase with 2.5%. Opposed to the same trimester of 2010 there is a decrease of 5% (from 870 euro per sq.m.)