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Small increase in the property prices in Sliven

The property prices in Sliven are increasing slightly for the last few months. This was announced by a local real estate specialist.

The increase is with 1 - 2 % and is observed mainly with the apartments in the city. The banks started giving credits and mortgages for panel flats. This increased their price slightly.

In the beginning of the year, people were buying one bedroom panel apartment for 34 - 35 000 levs, at the moment the price is 37 000 to 40 000 levs.

The interest for brick built one bedroom apartments is bigger though. A few months ago the demand on the real estate market in Sliven was mainly concentrated on the panel buildings.

The prices for new built are staying the same, but the deals are less due to the high prices. The property buyers more and more often are looking for finished buildings with finished bathrooms and flooring in the rooms and fine plastered walls.

Most of the apartments available on the property market in Sliven are completed to the level required by the Bulgarian Government Standard. This is the main difference in the demand of the property buyers and the offers from the property developers.

Properties for sale in Sliven