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Rents in Drujba and Boyana are rising up to 15%

Rents in Sofia went up in the fall. The two-room accommodations, which are usually the most preferred, rose up in some districts of the capital. The rent in "Druzhba 1", "Dragalevtsi" and "Boyana", jumped up with more than 15 percent this year.

190 euro per month is the average rental price for the rent of one-bedroom apartment now in "Druzhba 1". For comparison, at the beginning of the year this apartment in the same area was rented for 165 euro per month. Significant growth in rents is reported in more luxurious regions as well. For example, the average price for one-bedroom apartment in "Dragalevtsi" is 276 euro per month. In January, however, this apartment was available for € 237. It turns out that this is an increase of 16 % for the year, Monitor daily reported.

The rent in "Boyana" is rising up as well. Currently there are apartments for 331 euro per month. This district occupies first place in higher prices in the capital. In January, however, the average price for the rent of one-bedroom apartment there was 277 euro per month. This means that rents have increased with the impressive 19 per cent.

In the top three places with the most expensive rental area is the region of the Doctors monument. The average price there for a two-room accommodation is currently € 295 per month.

Earlier this year, rents in the area were average around 285 euro.

The second most expensive region is "Lozenets". The average price there of renting one-bedroom apartment is 284 euro per month. Since the beginning of the year, rents have increased with about 10 %.

At the same time, in many districts of Sofia a decrease in rents is, especially for two-bedroom apartments. Despite the second line of the Metro rents in "Nadejda" 3 and 4 decreased with nearly 14 %. The two-room apartments there are currently available for around 143 euro per monthIn January they were 165 euro per month.

Rents are much cheaper in "Malinova Dolina". Now, two bedroom apartments in the area are offered for 219 euro per month. At the beginning of the year, average rents were about 247 euro. This means that from January until now the prices decreased with about 12 %.

Rents in "Darvenitsa",which traditionally keep high levels because of the proximity to the metro and several universities. Now 1 bedroom apartment in the area is rented for 221 euro per month. This is with 7 % less than this year`s rents in the region.