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Reduce of the auction price for the SPA center in Blagoevgrad

At its last regular meeting in Blagoevgrad Municipality Council accepted the proposal of the Mayor Kostadin Paskalev to reduce the initial auction price by 10% (from 405 440 leva to 364 896 EUR excluding VAT) for setting up the right to build hotel and SPA center on the terrain of the old laundry at Bishop's home in the district town.

The decision of the Municipal Council for an auction is the property of 26th of June 2008. Since then there have been two unsuccessful attempts to sell the building right. After the first - in May 2009, the initial price was reduced by 20% from 506 800 leva to 405 440 leva free of VAT. On the auctions after that there has been lack of attendants which caused another reduction of the price.