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Recent growth of interest in Bulgaria as an industrial destination

The main task of the companies developing the industrial sector should be to create conditions for attracting companies that create high added value. This became clear during the annual conference "Industrial development and Investment 2017". Only thus can be attracted highly qualified Bulgarians returning from abroad to work here. The main advantages of Bulgaria as an investment destination is the fact that we are part of the European Union and it helped the market for industrial properties to remain stable in recent years.

At the conference was also presented the "Industrial Park Markovo", which is located in the southern part of the city and is now prepared to meet investors. The convenient and attractive for all kinds of industries location on the ring road of the city was chosen by "Galaxy Investment Group" to start the project. The area is located 15 km from the "Trakya" highway, 10 km from Plovdiv Airport and the new intermodal terminal.

"Industrial Park Markovo" offers plots of land for logistics and production with already built infrastructure. The plot has a size of 158,000 square meters. Competitive advantage of the project is the possibility of gasification, which makes future production very efficient. There are various options for development of the area, according to investors, as well as competitive prices compared to others in the region.

Industrial projects can be secured and a highly skilled workforce. In Plovdiv there are 40,000 students in a total of 10 universities. On forecasts of experts, this year in the Plovdiv region are expected to start investments for 50 mln. euros, which will create new 1,500 jobs. "These plans show the growth potential of this sector and this is why we strongly develop the industrial market segment", commented the investment company.

The development of industrial zones is a key factor for attracting investors with high added value. Among the most important challenges in the industry remain attractive building on account of Bulgaria to attract industrial investors and addressing the shortage of staff.