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Property Seekers To Invest Carefully In Romania And Bulgaria Agents

Though Bulgaria and Romania underwent recently a number of positive changes, including EU entry, foreign property seekers needed to invest carefully in the two countries, Assetz reported.

Since several years both countries have been seen as property investment hotspots. Prices were going up but agents could not predict if the tendency would continue in the future, the report said. 

Cultural integration and consistent growth of the tourism sector enabled Spain and France establish themselves as property hotspots in the 90s, Assetz reported. Bulgaria's tourism market also registered some growth but needed to develop further.

Bulgaria managed to attract foreign tourists mainly though its winter resorts and inexpensive skiing opportunities, said the report

One of the problems that resulted from the fast expansion was the lack of proper infrastructure, Assetz reported.

Even leading winter resorts like Bansko faced problems providing the proper facilities for the constantly increasing number of visitors. 

"Low-cost airlines are coming in regularly now, but the road and rail networks are not to the same level as yet. Essential services seem to be adequate, though you may have trouble getting a broadband internet connection into an older property,” Assetz reported quoting property agents.