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Prices of land in Bulgaria rise by 5% in 2017

A land code will be in place in 2019 at the earliest, BAALO Chairman Stayko Staykov.

The price of agricultural land in Bulgaria in 2017 shows a slight increase of 5% compared to last year. There is no large supply of fields, but there is not much demand, told reporters Staiko Staikov, chairman of the Bulgarian Association of Agricultural Land Owners (BAALO).

"Everyone is waiting for what will happen during the Bulgarian presidency next year and what funds will be for agriculture. There is not much stress on the market. There is only demand for large plots over 200-300 acres, but the reason is that they are not available, "he explained. Such plots are looking for perennials such as lavender.

He expects market slack in the first half of 2018 and then jumps from 10-15%.

"For two or three years the market in Bulgaria is stable. Arable land prices have reached levels that are not low. There will be no great stress up or down, "predicts Staiko Staikov. He recalled that the expensive lands are in Northern Bulgaria and South Central.
 This year, according to him, there has been a stagnation of the rents after the agroecology measure was dropped. Another reason is the deteriorated meteorological conditions. There is a rent holding in levs, and rents in grain are not changed.

For Northern Bulgaria, the average rent is 50 levs, with the exception of Dobrich, Silistra and the fields along the Danube, where the most fertile lands are and the rents are 80-100 leva.

The working groups that will discuss the legislative work under the Land Code in the agro-ministry are not yet formed, he said. "First, we look forward to clarifying the vision for the future Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). The groups are likely to be formed after the Bulgarian EU presidency (in the first half of 2018), "Staykov said.

Bulgaria's commitment to the presidency is great and the work on the Code will be after our household, he added. In fact, the new legislation is a fact in 2019.

In order to work for the consolidation and irrigation, the conditions must be clear, Stayko Staykov explained. For example, he said there should be clarity about the financing of agriculture after Brexit.

The President of BAALO was one of the participants in the Regional Forum for the Future of Agriculture held in Sofia.