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Pass Petrohan - frequently mentioned but little-known

Balkan passages Petrohan was mentioned often during the winter day, but mainly in the news about traffic. Interspersed with winding steep road from Berkovitsa to the mountain ridge is a real challenge for drivers and in the winter and summer.At the same time beautiful passage is little known. Appreciate it only avid hikers who already know him.

Pass passes difficult, but the preferred way to Sofia. This is the shortest way from Vidin, Lom, Montana and Berkovitsa to the capital. Vitinya is an alternative and much used but much longer. Route in Petrohan is more picturesque. Many drivers stop pumping its clear mountain water and enjoy the beautiful forests.Petrohan is the main passage of the Balkan Mountains in its western part.Road Infrastructure Agency has approved a project to overhaul 50 km of this road from the village Berkovitsa Gintsi. Chosen is the executor, but repairs that had to start in 2010, were postponed due to lack of funds. Renovation of the track ahead, however.

Today the pass is a big intersection - Journey to the Northwest and back and stop looking for a place in one of the cafes and hostels.At the very top is a lake of water cascade Petrohan.