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Now is the time to buy a holiday home

The financial crisis, the low demand and the low property prices are a good point from which can benefit those who want to buy property. All these factors have the great impact on the market for holiday homes, which in the past years has been growing.

This forced many investors to sell on completely different prices and even below cost property. According to brokers for nearly 80 percent of customers are not currently looking for property with certain characteristics - area, location, quality of the project and want to see the best value for money and make the best deal.

The "hotel room" type apartments do not meet the requirements of the majority of buyers, but the problem is that currently it is mass marketing state brokers. The main buyers of properties currently - the Russians, who largely determine both demand and price, are looking for more space, additional facilities, and good architecture. Those who can afford to spend a greater amount choose to invest in a house, not apartment. In a year ago, the allocation was 10 percent to 90 percent in favor of apartments, today the proportion of houses is already 30% of all sales. Almost all payments are made in cash, not for external funding.

Unlike last year when the properties are bought mainly to be attributed to a later stage for rent, currently 87 percent of all customers acquire the property for personal use. Combined yield of the other bike with his own vacation, and only 3 percent of the new owners acquire properties for resale and for profits, brokers said.

Selling "off-plan" continues to reduce their share this summer has dropped to 5% of all sales. The remaining 95 percent have chosen to buy the finished product.