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Montana focus on the development of the tourism

One of the priorities in the district of Montana is the development of the tourism. The natural gift as the mountain from Vratsa and Varshets to Belogradchik is something unique which could not be found everywhere and if it could be developed the unemployment will decrease - said the district governor of Montana Todor Varbanov.

On the territory of the municipality of Chiprovtsi is developed an idea, which is still in project phase, to be developed a winter ski resort in the Stara Planina mountain in the foot of the Goliam Chuka peak.

On altitude in the interval between 1400 - 1900 meters will be built a few ski pistes, and in every village in the municipality will be offered accommodation in hotels and guest houses. The mountain around Chiprovtsi offers excellent conditions for ski sports from which we have to take advantage.

It is necessary to prepare a strategy for that where is the place of Chiprovtsi, Georgi Damianovo, Belogradchik and Chuprene on the tourist map of North west Bulgaria.

As far as the region of the town of Berkovitsa, till the year of 2016 a big sport touristic complex should be built in the tow of Berkovitsa and the region bellow the Kom peak in the Stara Planina mountain. The investment will be for more than 2 million euro. It is projected that more than 2500 accommodation units will be created.

In case you are planning on investing in a property in some of the Bulgarian ski resorts and have a smaller budget to spend, now is the time to look to the opportunities that Berkovitsa and the region have to offer.