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Megamall Serdika in Sofia will open doors in Spring

Megal Mall Serdika Centre will open doors in Srping time. It will be the biggest mall on the Balcans. About 85% of the shops are already rented, said the manager of the mall - Atanas Radev. The project for 210 mln euro, will be finished by January 2010. Arround 220 shops are situated on 3 floors with totsal area 50 000 sq.m. More than 1600 parking places are available for the visitors of the Serdika Mall on Sitniakovo.

The management staff has not started with renting the offices in the building which are going to be opened officially in the summer of 2010. The rent will be 16 - 17 euro per sq.m. From ESE Proektmanagement commented that the rent will be considered by the attractive location of the mall, as well as with the possibilities of the companies who will express interest in renting office spaces. Arround 2000 new working places will be opened in the mall. A new crossroad with traffic lights is prejected for the boulevard Sitniakovo in order to reduce the traffic from and to the Serdika Mall.