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Kardjali build unique park in the bed of Arda

Kardzhali Municipality started the realization of its largest project funded under Operational Programme "Regional Development" - the construction of Park Arpezos-north "and" Business Park - I and II stage, the total amount of EUR 8 704368

The main project objective is to create a functional and aesthetic park through which will take place between urban: city center - mainly the core of public park Arpezos-North, and hence contact Park Arpezos-south and Arda - main gradoobrazuvasht factor uniting the two parts of the city. According to the chief architect of Kardjali Petya Nazarova this is the first in scale park being built in Bulgaria in the last 20 years.

In throughout the park provide access conditions for disabled people. Places such as street curbs and other obstacles for blind people will be marked with special rubber molded bars. In playgrounds are also provided places for play by children with disabilities.

The park is designed with energy efficient LED lighting partly powered by solar batteries. For the guards will be installed CCTV system in moving and stationary cameras.

The deadline for finalization of the project is October 21, 2011